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Monday, February 18, 2008

Rescue Raid Gone Awry

We didn’t understand why some 32 SWAT officers were invited, to put it mildly, for a "talk" with three MPs, as a result of which MP Lukyanov’s car, with Lukyanov inside, was displaced. When I came up and said, “What are you doing? There’s a live human being in that car,” for some reason, they lost composure and dropped it. And it so happened that they dropped it on my leg.

— MP and former Emergency Management Minister Nestor Shufrych, PRU recapturing his Friday “free Rudy” experience outside the private clinic Borys.

Nestor, you know more about emergencies that I do. Therefore, let me keep my pep talk simple and stupid: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. My high-octane cheerleader songbook of choice would be:

Tatu “Not Gonna Get Us”
Chip’n’Dale Rescue Rangers Theme
Meat Loaf “I’d Lie for You (And That’s the Truth)”

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Anonymous said...

No need for "Free Rudy" raid.

Kyiv Appeal Court Releases Rudkovskyi From Custody

and in time for Feb. 20th festivities ---- "The final part of Miss Ukraine Universe will take place on February 20 in the capital “Alta-Ekspo”, where beauty Naomi Campbell will choose the most beautiful Ukrainian girl. Top model has to come to Kyiv on the day of the contest."

Taras said...

Like I said, not a single high-profile suspect has ever done jail time in Ukraine. So why should Rudkovsky be any different? Besides, he can’t miss that “Miss Ukraine” pageant!

I love the way UNIAN misspelled Naomi Campbell, not to mention Donald Trump:)))

Anonymous said...

I think LEvko is correct in Rudkovsky facing heat when so many do it and get away with it but I was hoping that change was underway. Oh well you were right - Kolesnikov all over again and maybe in future an award.



Taras said...

What did I tell you?:)

Rudy will get his medal of honor for securing stability in the spending of government funds.

Run Rudy, run Rudy, run Rudy, run Rudy, run!