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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Putin, Yushchenko Talk Gas

Watch two more videos related to President Yushchenko’s recent visit to Moscow and the ripples it sent through the Kremlin.

It is highly important that neither side — I mean, neither Naftogaz (and, in the end, Ukrainian industry) nor Gazprom…uh — ends up…uh…worse off than stipulated in the existing contract.

Agreed, in Ukraine they don’t want the Russkies to gain possession of the gas transit system. Well, the Russkies have long abandoned this…this idea. We want it [the gas transit system] to run smoothly. The same applies to gas prices. Even inside Russia, we’ve made a decision to adopt market pric…pricing for energy supplies. We’re doing it nice and easy for ourselves. We’re also offering our partners to do it nice and easy. And…it is with him — it was exactly with President Yushchenko that we had managed to agree on this a few years ago, and yesterday he reaffirmed his position once again.

Are they both talking about RosUkrEnergo?

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