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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rudkovsky Gets Booked

Former Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky, who faces charges of embezzlement, was detained last weekend by the SBU for failure to cooperate with the investigation. On Monday, a court ruled that Mr. Rudkovsky be placed in custody.

Reporter: What's his blood pressure?
Paramedic: 110…170/110.

Nestor Shufrych, cheerleader: Is it normal?
Paramedic: No.

Reporter: Could you please tell us who called you, and why did you arrive so late?
Paramedic: I’m a paramedic. I came as I was called.

Why are you claiming to be a paramedic?

Shufrych: Where did the ambulance come from?
Paramedic: Does it really matter?
Shufrych: Of course, it does.

Please identify yourself. What’s your name and position?

Paramedic: I’m the chief of the physical therapy department at the SBU clinic.

Judge: [Due to the defendant’s failure] to comply with the procedural decision based on law, and in view of the fact that Rudkovsky has been charged with committing a felony of the gravest kind that carries a penalty of 7 to 12 years of imprisonment, and has not resided on his registered premises, and has, since December 21, breached his oath not to leave said premises, and has failed to appear before the investigator when summoned, it is the opinion of this court that there are grounds for altering the mode of preventive detention from the oath not to leave town to a stricter mode — incarceration.

Caption: Pechersk District Court
Soundtrack: Mikhail Krug "Vladimirsky Central"

Most experts believe Rudkovsky will be acquitted, a view that mirrors law enforcement’s abysmal track record of prosecuting high-profile suspects.


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