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Friday, February 01, 2008

Regionalist's Digest

Svyatoslav Piskun: The President issued unconstitutional order. Now I have all the grounds to go to court and soon we will have two General Attorneys.

01.02.2008, 09:55

The deputy, the member of The Party of Regions parliamentary fraction Svyatoslav Piskun has the intension to go to court in order to renew him on a General Attorney position. Informs “Ukrainskaya Pravda”.

In the deputies words, he received such a possibility after the Constitutional court decision on the firing the persons, who cooperates deputy position with other activities.

Svyatoslav Piskun admitted that in this case Yushenko edict on his firing in May 2007 is unconstitutional, because he was fired for such cooperation/

Anatoliy Kinakh: When we talk about the State energy safety, the political beliefs shouldn’t play important role

31.01.2008, 13:41

The deputy, the member of The Party of Regions parliamentary fraction Anatoliy Kinakh in the TV show “Vchasno. Pro golovne” on NTN commented the Tymoshenko Prime Minister Brussels initiatives on building the gas pipeline, which will be the alternative for existing Russian-Ukrainian transportation system.

Vasiliy Kiselev: If you trust Tymoshenko it means that you do not respect yourself

31.01.2008, 10:47

Tymoshenko will not be successful with current coalition. This is another provocation directed on splitting The Party of Regions. Commented Vasiliy Kiselev to “InterMedia consulting” Tymoshenko statement on possible unity and cooperation with The Party of Regions in common coalition on her conditions.

“I can assure you that she won’t succeed. People as I will not allow that the political force, which lied to people, brought into preterm elections, approaches to new preterm elections, trying to bring a new political crisis into the country, which will be followed by economy crisis, could split us in order to use us for once again”, - admitted the deputy.

Mikhail Chechetov: “Current Prime Minister policy will lead to the inflation in September-October”

31.01.2008, 09:26

The deputy, the member of The Party of Regions parliamentary fraction Mikhail Chechetov forecasts the initiation of preterm Presidential elections in autumn. He said in interview on a “First National” channel, informs “ProUa”

Mikhail Chechetov criticized Tymoshenko Cabinet of Ministers for making populism decisions. He thinks that current Prime Minister policy will lead to the inflation in September-October.

“People will be heart by the inflation, in September-October and after that Tymoshenko will leave and will initiate preterm Presidential elections procedure”, - said in particular Mikhail Chechetov.

The deputy thinks that by initiating preterm Presidential elections current Prime Minister will try to escape from responsibility for her populism policy.

Anna German: We have to provide the right to speak any language

29.01.2008, 12:33

The Party of Regions deputy Anna German sure that everyone should have the right to talk in any language he wants, it is a democratic approach. She stated it during the press-conference at “Glavre”website.

“We have to provide the right to speak any language, he wants. It is a democratic approach. It is European thinking person approach. Talking about the possible Ukrainian language stagnation, I want to answer with the classic phrase “Our song, our language, will never die and will live eternally”, - she underlined.

Mikhail Chechetov: Typical lies from the orange liars – it is disease, which couldn’t be cured

30.01.2008, 12:08

The deputy, the member of The Party of Regions Mikhail Chechetov sure that our opponents are only capable of creating scandals, nothing more. Creating the scandals, they are trying to bring public attention away from their senseless economic and social policy, and also attempts to bring the country silently to NATO. Stated the deputy, commenting the attempts to start the scandal with “Oschadbank”.


Anonymous said...

So much for the claims that the PoR is in disarray and reeling from the shock of losing control of govt. They are on the offensive and no surprise there as freed from their former busy work schedules (while in office) there is lots of time for press releases, public appearances and talk, talk, talk. No mention of how they are keeping govt in check and stagnant while inflation rate soars, 2012 preparations are not getting off the ground, and "work" is not getting done by their doing.


Taras said...

Looking for premium content, huh?;) You might wanna fill out a feedback form:)))

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced by Levko that there are serious fissures in PoR, still, even while they are on attack.

I predict "change" and that the existing orange coalition will last just long enough for PoR to dissolve and newer, more stable coalitions to be formed.


Taras said...

Will it be as “stable” as the coalition between Clinton, Obama, McCain and Ron Paul?

The Constitution of Ukraine says that the building blocks of a coalition are parliamentary factions. As you remember, it was party-shopping that prompted the President to dissolve Parliament.

If the Party of Regions falls apart and changes its ways, I’ll be the first to celebrate. Such changes will have to be reflected in the next parliamentary election. Until then, however, I can only cite the mounting tension in the Orange camp and the ever-present shyrkadelic ideation of the Party of Regions.

And finally, the word “stability,” when used in the Ukrainian context, carries a rather sadistic connotation to me. You should know that I’m not a big fan of BDSM.