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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PRU Losing Ground to BYuT, NUNS Losing Members

A recent poll by the Razumkov Center gives the following approval ratings:

BYuT 30.2%
PRU 23.1%
NUNS 10.1%
KPU 5.1%
LyB 3.7%

Analysts attribute the stellar — 19% in the east, 33% in the south — surge in the BYuT base to the paltry yet popular $200 compensation payments for Soviet savings. Some 18 percent of Yanukovych supporters have reported an improved opinion of Tymoshenko.

Nationwide, Tymoshenko's approval ratings have climbed a staggering 35 percent.

The numbers look good. But will they be any good if the Orange Coalition falls apart before it changes the electoral equation in any significant way? Citing micromanagement by party bosses, six NUNS MP abandoned membership in Nasha Ukraina on Tuesday, without vacating their parliamentary seats.

A few days earlier, presidential chief of staff Viktor Baloha had resigned from the ranks of Nasha Ukraina to pursue a future in a party of his own making. Interestingly enough, one can find friends of Baloha among the six NUNS dissenters.

Considering these migrations, I'd prefer not to count my Regions before they’re hatched.

Instead, I’m watching this beautiful video.



Leopolis said...

Now that the Yulia government is in power, real 2000 hryvnia notes will soon be a reality...

Taras said...

Not yet:)!

Color her populist, but the highest growth rates in per capita real earnings took place under her cabinets.

As for the 2,000 hryvnia bills, the odds are no greater than the reintroduction of 2-dollar bills to replace the floundering 1-dollar bills:)