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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Regionalists Go Looney-Ballooney

Tuesday’s session of the Verkhovna Rada ground to a halt minutes after it opened amid anti-NATO mayhem from members of the Party of Regions.

Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Due to the fact that I'm missing a mike, I will try to speak by open outcry.
MP Nestor Shufrych, PRU: The cheerleaders have arrived.

Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk: This session’s agenda included a host of issues pertaining to proposed bills on government procurement, on lifting MP immunity, on ad hoc investigation commissions and other legislation, which needs to be passed today by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. To my greatest disappointment, a brutal violation of the Constitution and of The Law of Ukraine on the Status of a People’s Deputy is in progress. In view of that, I see no possibility to commence the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Thank you for your attention. You will be notified of the next meeting in due time. Keep working, dear colleagues!

Regionalist 1: Andrei! Andrei! Andrei, let him out!
Regionalist 2: Turn this shit off!
Regionalist 1: I just...who is it?

The last guy almost sounds like Michael Jackson in "Who Is It?":
(Who is it?)
It is a friend of mine
(Who is it?) Is it my brother?
(Who is it?)
Somebody hurt my soul now
(Who is it?)
I can't take this stuff no more
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Anonymous said...

I can't find the words to describe the abject disgust and horror that I feel in looking at this video.

A bunch of smart-ass grade school kids have gathered together in order to pester the teacher.

This is the parliament of Ukraine?

NATO was not on the agenda announced by Yatseniuk. Yet, all of the birthday party balloons had signs about NATO on them.

These people, the obstructionist PoR, are absolutely looney.

If they want to make arguments against NATO, are they not smart enough to find a mechanism to voice their concerns, other than through thuggish behavior?

Taras said...

Welcome to The Breakfast Club of Regionalist parliamentarism!:)

There’s one little exception, though: They’re no smartasses. They’re nothing but dumbasses!