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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Road Rage: Yatsenyuk Gets Bird from Deputy Chief of Special Highway Patrol Force

While driving about town incognito last Saturday, Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk had a unique opportunity to test the street cred of “one law for all” firsthand.

Ukrainian driving culture, characterized by giant power distance and little respect for traffic rules, didn’t keep him waiting.

Absent a police escort, Yatsenyuk got cut in front of a Porsche Cayenne, whose driver flipped an obscene gesture at him, obviously having misidentified the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada for a non-god.

And you know what? It turns out the funny guy was the deputy chief of Kobra, a special highway patrol force authorized to inspect officials’ cars.

At a MoI staff meeting Monday, President Yushchenko demanded immediate resignation from the top highway patrol brass.

More than 34 thousand drivers’ licenses have been suspended in the first six weeks of 2007 in a nationwide traffic control effort.

Last year, some 9,500 people died from car accidents in Ukraine.



Anonymous said...

Rudeness rules ...

did u see the show that he wrote about or the video?


Taras said...

Sure:)! Enjoy the show!

elmer said...

Well, the Savik Shuster was interesting, but it could have been done in 5 minutes instead of 3 hours.

Ukrainians sure can talk - and the Russians talk even longer!

So everyone knows that Firtash is in RosUkrEnergo, and that the Prez is protecting him, and it's openly discussed.

Moroz makes some good points about good government, and the idea that government should act by standards and laws instead of by little agreements - домовленості.

But the stupid moron is the one that jumped ship to PoR in order to perpetuate a shady form of government! And he doesn't seem to understand or realize it!

Boogoooslavkaya did not seem to have much to say, but she sure smirked a lot.

And there were some rather subdued exchanges of accusations of corruption.

And one heated exchange about people who are more worried about protecting the interests of Russia than of Ukraine - I'm glad that was pointed out.

Why is Yushchenko protecting Firtash? Yushchenko and his wife got jet rides from Firtash all over Europe.

Is that all it takes?

So after 3 hours of non-stop talk - what do you get?

Taras said...

Elmer, this is the most popular show on Ukrainian television. When Savik worked on ICTV, the show started at 9:30 p.m. and went on and on well into midnight hour.

I love this show. When those snakes in the studio fight, they shed their skins, serving the public’s right to know. As always, Bohoslovska was breathing fire while being full of it.

From what we can gather, Firtash is a good friend of the family. In a democratic country, such friendships would drive any top official to the brink of resignation or impeachment. Not in Ukraine.

The guy who jumped ship wasn’t going it alone. Apparently he took a bunch of kindred spirits with him in what looks like a well-orchestrated move. It gets even more interesting if we take into account the presence of at least one friend of the family in the NUNS exodus. Such telltale signs suggest that we may be about to witness seismic — and shyrkoid — changes in the planetary alignment of Ukrainian politics.

So what will happen in the event we have a gaseous PoRNUNS shyrkanova? I’d say a few more million Ukrainians will vote for Yulia all the way to turn the big bang of the base-hearted into a big phart.

elmer said...

Taras, yes, I know it is.

And it's a good show, and it really does serve the public's right to know to a certain extent.

Does the public know exactly how Deripaska, Firtash, Akhmetov and Yanukovych got their money?

Does the public know why the Prez is protecting Firtash at the cost of the bankruptcy of Naftohaz? Does the public know that the Prez and his wife got plane rides from Firtash?

Does the public know how Yanuk can afford his new super-mansion?

Does the public know how much Deripaska is tied in with assorted Russian, shall we say, "nefarious" elements?

Does the public know whether the gas explosion victims in the apartments ever got paid compensation, as was promised?

Does the public care?

I applaud Savik. Especially when all the thugs in government suddenly get holier-than-thou when talking about who among them is more corrupt and who is to blame for assorted problems - just like happened in the televised parliamentary debates.

But who has time to sit around for 3 hours listening to these crumbs blow hot air, and chew the same cud over and over and over and over?

And you are absolutely right - I think there's going to be a big push towards Yulia.

Which, of course, is the way to get around all the thug oligarchs who are tied in with Russia, Monaco and Israel, and to get them out of government.

I just hope that Yulia herself is able to finally not have to rely on any oligarchs of her own.

Taras said...

It’s a Friday night show. The timing itself helps attract a large audience.

And yes, the questions you raised need to be answered. No one should be immune from being asked such questions.

And if the shyrkoid NUNS want some more real estate in Monaco, their voters will give them Moroz’s running shoes. That’ll be “one law for all.”