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Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Fed up with the chronic turf battles and micromanagement in the Orange camp, BYuT blew a fuse Wednesday.


We demand that President Yushchenko stop his anti-Ukrainian activity.

The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, seeking to preserve the democratic coalition and consolidate the democratic forces in parliament and society, has long ignored the aggressive and unfounded attacks of the Head of State and his Secretariat regarding the coalition Government, and specifically regarding the Prime Minister and the democratic coalition.

However, todays’ confrontation between the President and his Secretariat on the one hand, and the Government and the democratic coalition on the other, has gone so far that one cannot remain silent.

Therefore, the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko faction in the Verkhovna Rada has the authority to state the following:

1. The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, seeking to preserve a thin hope of re-election, has resorted to complete destruction of the beginnings and initiatives of the democratic Government;

2. The President of Ukraine has blocked all the anti-corruption programs of the democratic government (namely, in the area of land trade); the Head of State has virtually become a guarantor of corruption schemes. The Secretariat has also blocked the implementation of certain items of the coalition agreement (namely, building a professional army, combatting corruption and entitlement, etc);

3. The President and his Secretariat are knowingly and deliberately fanning the hysteria and panic surrounding the country’s inflation, as if without knowledge (or perhaps, on the contrary, with full knowledge) that a mere mention of inflation by the Head of State already raises prices by several percentage points;

4. The President of Ukraine is blocking and stalling a civilized privatization process, thereby destroying the state budget of Ukraine and crippling the social policies of the Government;

5. The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat are trying to take under their wing the shadowy schemes in the natural gas industry and secure “third-party interests” in this area at the cost of Ukraine’s national interests.

6. As in the year 2005, the President of Ukraine has turned the National Security and Defense Council into a stronghold of confrontation vis-à-vis the Government. The National Security and Defense Council is staffed by people who profess separatist ideas and stand for, or stood for, the partition of Ukraine; are infusing society with provocative ideas, such as making Russian an official language; and stand against Ukraine’s integration into Europe;

7. The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat have taken under their wing the corrupt management of the State Property Fund and of the Kyiv City Hall;

8. The President of Ukraine has consolidated around him yesterday’s leaders of clans and oligarch financial groups, which under the cover of charitable activity, are trying to return to power;

9. The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat are knowingly fomenting discord within the democratic coalition, and by putting nonsensical items on the parliamentary agenda, are trying to block the work of parliament;

10. The President of Ukraine, V.A. Yushchenko has systematically disgraced the Ukrainian State by making statements that denigrate Ukraine the world over.

In the current situation, the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko faction is demanding that the President of Ukraine stop his ANTI-UKRAINIAN activity and refrain from destroying the opportunity for democratic development of the Ukrainian State. We demand a stop to the cynical destruction and wreckage of the democratic coalition, which is being carried out today in the name of Yushchenko’s victory in the next presidential election. We demand that the President immediately rescind all the decrees and directives that are blocking the work of the democratic Government, and let this Government finally work. We demand that the Ukrainian agenda be restored to the National Security and Defense Council and that this organization be cleared of mismatches.

Today, amid the global economic crisis and the revival of aggressive anti-Ukrainian developments abroad, Ukraine is facing formidable challenges which it should meet adequately. We find it unfortunate that in this difficult situation the activities of the President of Ukraine pose one of the major threats to the independence of Ukraine and its sovereignty.

We also warn that whatever adventures are being masterminded in the Secretariat of the President, such as direct presidential rule and a summary referendum on the Constitution, they will receive an adequate response.

Our statement regarding the President of Ukraine in no way concerns our colleagues and friends in the democratic coalition, from the bloc of Nasha Ukrayina-Narodna Samooborona. We will do everything in our power to preserve the democratic coalition, and we will not let anyone destroy the opportunity for civilized, democratic development of Ukraine.

We believe that in the current situation there is only one civilized and legitimate solution: amending the Constitution in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which will put a stop to the lawlessness and disorder and will put the country back on the track of democratic development in the interests of all its citizenry.
Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko faction


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