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Monday, April 14, 2008

Chernoco's 'Positive Campaigning' Feat. Faux Klychko Fans

Here’s a “balanced” footage from TRK Kyiv, a hijacked municipal channel that acts as a mouthpiece for incumbent Mayor Chernovetsky.

Narrator: Meanwhile, a dozen supporters gathered outside the City Hall to rally for their candidate.

Unemployed men with signs of drinking problems
Man 1: We came to vote for Krivo…for Klychko, Vladimir…Vitalik [diminutive for Vitaliy].
Man 2: What are you doing?
Man 3: Hi mom!
Man 4: We hope he gives us jobs, so that we don’t walk around dirty like that.
Man 3: What are you staring at, man?
Man 4: Klychko is a sportsman, right? Okey-dokey.

Narrator: Klychko representatives were not happy with their potential voters. They ripped out the slogan banners and chased away their candidate’s supporters.

Klychko representative: Vitaliy Klychko does not campaign with slogans like this, you understand? This whole “fella” lingo… [tears apart a faux slogan with the word пацаны (fellas)].

Narrator: Klychko hasn’t yet divulged the slogans he will use and the unique selling point of his campaign.

Creative, isn’t it?

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elmer said...

Well, Taras, the only thing I can say is that when you're in the land of the cosmonauts and there's only one thing to do ----- it calls for a nice hot cup of Java.

I wonder if Haytana can do the song as well as the King Sisters or the Manhattan Transfer? (By the way, I like Haytana). Enjoy your cups of Java coffee!

elmer said...

I think that the Cosmonaut ought to adopt "Drum Boogie" as his campaign theme song. It's a lot better than his shills coming out to make believe that they are representatives of Klitchko.

Shilling is nothing new. The Cosmonaut apprarently thinks it's a hig art.

Wait until the end of the clip when Gene Krupa plays the rhythm on the table with - match sticks.

And sets them on fire.

Taras said...

Lovely music, Elmer!:)

But coffee seems too weak a theory when applied to our subject. Judging by his public appearances, our subject drinks stronger stuff.

Plus, aside from the drinking theory, other substances may be at work. Which makes the idea of playing with matches all the more dangerous:)

Btw, it turns out one of the King Sisters, Yvonne, is still alive; and Haytana, the famous African Ukrainian singer, is recording a new album in New York.

elmer said...

At one time Kyiv was the second largest center of Christianity, second only to Constantinople.

Mussorgsky composed "Pictures at an Exhibition" - and included The Great Gates of Kyiv.

Here is a wonderful, beautiful city, with a very rich and ancient history, a history which stretches back hundreds of years before the mud puddle named maskva was even thought of.


І пачаму в Києві, в СТОЛИЦІ УКРАЇНИ, черновецький і Кличко как-ають па расійчиськойє?

And why on earth, in the capital of UKRAINE, are the Martian/cosmonaut and Klychko barking about in rooshan?

Please, someone explain this to me.

Taras said...

Chernovetsky, who rarely and hardly speaks Ukrainian, has made himself abundantly clear on the issue.

Klychko, who now speaks better Ukrainian, once argued that his speaking broken Ukrainian would spoil the beauty of the language.

The post-imperial legacy of Russification is gradually wearing off in Kyiv, a cross-generational trend.

I consider de-Russification/re-Ukrainization a national security issue. This issue requires a pragmatic policy and takes time. I believe it should support the vision of Ukraine as an independent country with a strong cultural identity of its own.

I do not oppose the use of Russian by private citizens. Nor do I oppose minorities’ efforts to maintain their cultural identity, provided that tolerance does not become a threat.

Finally, I strongly oppose the non-use/non-knowledge of Ukrainian by public officials.

Office seekers who scorn, or fail to learn, Ukrainian pose a threat to Ukraine’s national security and must not be tolerated.