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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yanuk Smells Shyrka

As the Orange Coalition bursts at the seams, amid finger-pointing, double-crossing, and runaway inflation, the shyrkoid hyenas are licking their lips:

Opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych: In some four months they’ve managed to force down the economy of Ukraine like that. Four billion hr…ten billion hryvnias is the number by which Ukrainians’ have become poorer in four months — due to inflation. Patience knows no boundaries, but it’s got to end somewhere, as they say. I believe that this end will come very fast. But if you’re able to rectify the situation, we will applaud you — with pleasure — and so will the entire Ukrainian people.

Опустити (to force down, to lower, etc) is also prison slang for forced sex. Not a very surprising word choice for someone who served two terms.

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