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Friday, April 18, 2008

Kiddie Voiceovers Exploited in Kyiv Mayoral Campaign

The 2008 Kyiv mayoral campaign has given birth to baby voicing, an innovative underground PR technique that rivals traditional baby kissing.

Little boy’s voiceover: Dear passengers, while the train is moving keep away from the sliding door.
Passenger 1: It’s very interesting, and very…I don’t know how to say it…pleasant!

Little boy:
Please get faster into the cars; don’t loiter by the door; proceed further into the cars.

Passenger 2: It must be some kind of artistic studio doing these things, right? The elocution is good. Thanks!

Little boy:
Mind the door!

Passenger 3: Such a nice tone. And quite convincing!

Little boy:
The next station is Poznyaky.

Passenger 4: It brings a smile to the passengers’ faces. It’s some sort of feel-at-home thing.

Little boy:
The next station is Slavutych.

Wake up! The next station is Chernovetsky 2!

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Hans said...

I tell you, it was quite surprising the first time I heard the kids' voices last week. Although I imagine it'd get annoying after a while.

I heard that some orphanage from won a competition and got to record the voices?

Taras said...

The vocals, commissioned by the Kyiv Metro with the purported goal to prevent passenger suicide, come from a Chernivtsi children’s ensemble.

As this video shows, some naïve passengers fail to notice the real “record label,” whose re-election will be suicidal for Kyiv.