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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Up Close and Personal With Anti-Bush Orthodox Crusaders

Orthodox protesters: We’re against this horny Bush, the horny Bush who came here. He has no place here.

WW II veteran twins, carrying Marshall Zhukov’s portrait: We're fighting. For a thousand years, the wars raged on for the Orthodox faith — for more than a thousand years. There were many martyrs, great martyrs, holy martyrs.

He did not surrender, he did not fork her over to Germany. [referring to Zhukov’s defense of the Motherland]

Protesters sing Orthodox hymns.

Disclaimer: The word рогатый (rohaty horny) refers to the Devil and has no sexual connotation.

The crowd consists of communists, Orthodox fundamentalists, and monarchists.

Strange bedfellows, aren’t they? Keep in mind that the Bolsheviks pillaged churches, selling the gold abroad and converting the churches into warehouses. They massacred Orthodox clergy and the Royal family. They made deals with the Third Reich.

Despite all the misery that communism brought to Ukraine, communist propaganda still works miracles. No wonder so many people’s minds are messed up like that.

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elmer said...

It's not just the commies that messed up the minds of Ukraine.

The orthodox and catholic priests did their share, too.

There were a few exceptions, maybe, such as Metropolit Sheptycky, or Cardinal Slipyj, for example.

It's hard to figure out who the orthodox goon-women are praying and singing hymns to - Zhukov or Saint Mary. It seems to be both at the same time, and the old guy has some sort of a commie cap on his head.

There is nothing worse than religion perverted and turned on its head.

What's even worse is a bunch of senile people with senile dementia perverting religion and turning it on its head.

Vitrenko carries icons in political parades, also. Maybe the icons are some sort of a political parade. Maybe they are protection against lightning or stones. Or maybe they are protection against anyone else's political statements.

It's a sort of weird commie-orthodox mix, and Karl Marx is a saint, along with Tsar Nicholas, in the commie-orthodox version of this weird, weird perversion of religion. They could probably add the Wizard of Oz into the mix very easily, along with an icon of Jessica Simpson.

Separation of church and state, anyone?

hans said...

Taras said...

You’re right, Elmer.

Unfortunately, throughout history, religion and democracy have often been at loggerheads. In Medieval times, the Roman Catholic Church supplied the public relations framework for feudalism and operated the Holy Inquisition.

The Russian Orthodox Church — before and after communism — can be seen as a friend of undemocratic governance. Equally true, one cannot deny the fact that the Bolsheviks slaughtered and deported millions of innocent people, among them true believers.

This bloody chunk of history hardly fits into the commies’ new-fashioned picture of Jesus as the proto-communist. Jesus sacrificed no life but his own.

Hans, I’m having major problems with these videos. For some reason, they don’t buffer properly on my computer:(((

Anonymous said...

link to "Still Pres." clip regarding Bush's visit to UA???? don't know what the other one maybe.


Taras said...

Luida, there’s something wrong with the way Dailyshow videos buffer on my system. I can’t watch them:(((