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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Bush Videos

Novy Kanal offers wide coverage of the U.S. President's visit.



elmer said...

security was indeed tight.

The idea is prevention, not cure.

The commies are, in typical fashion, easily identified - fat or pudgy, with very dour, sour faces, and looking very angry (обурені), as usual, like they need a good enema.

I don't quite understand the 3 fat ladies squealing out the song "How Can I Not Love Kyiv".

That doesn't seem like much of a protest song to me.

Taras said...

That’s a stereotype. Commies do not necessarily have those traits and conditions.

Most people in Ukraine have dour faces, but that doesn’t make them commies. I consider them victims of communist and post-communist joylessness, a condition to which they may or may not have contributed through their voting decisions. Every unhappy person should be judged on their own merits.

Still, for the sake of fairness, I should admit that some commies radiate joy, especially when they sing songs or wear $10,000 watches.

«Як тебе не любити, Києве мій» is Kyiv’s unofficial anthem. I like that song. There’s not a word of politics in it, unless otherwise imagined. When those ladies sang it, they probably pictured themselves defending Kyiv from Bush. But I doubt they posed any threat to him.

Security was much tighter compared to Clinton’s visit in June 2000. This caused resentment among many downtown Kyivites, who felt uncomfortable and insecure from the thought of being mistakenly sniped at.

Thankfully, everything went without incident.

elmer said...

Well, Дмитро Гнатюк and a lot of other people did the song.

It's a great song.

I never thought I would see it butchered so badly by 3 little pigs squealing it out in order to protest NATO and goodness knows what else they were trying to protest.

It's a beautiful song for a beautiful city.

Did the 3 little squealing pig ladies pose any threat to Bush?


But I seem to remember when a prisoner was killed by sniper fire not too long ago - in a police courtyard, no less - while being escorted by police.

So much for Ukrainian security.

You know what I'm talking about, Taras?

The reason everything went without incident is - prevention.

Not cure.

Taras said...

Judging by the way the police protected him outside the courthouse, the prisoner you’re referring to was marked for death. Very little effort was made to prevent his death.