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Thursday, April 17, 2008

‘Mayor of Ukraine’

He thinks big. And he talks.

Incumbent Mayor Chernovetsky: I’m showing you today…uh…my registration card as a candidate for the post of Mayor of Ukraine.
Audience: It's Kyiv, Kyiv…hahaha!

Chernovetsky: Ma…hahaha…Mayor…Mayor of Kyiv. I’ve raised the approval ratings of Kyiv authorities so high that even Yulia Tymoshenko became interested in working with me…uh…in the Kyiv City Council. Is there anyone who thi…who can imagine that the Prime Minister will attend my…uh…sessions. It’s some kind of nonsense. It’s enough for her to just…but I will gladly accept her.

I hope she doesn't keep you waiting.

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Orest said...

Maybe its just me, but I think the Mayor of the capitol city of Ukraine should speak its only official language - UKRAINIAN. How embarrassing, Is this guy on crack or what!!

Its time to send these jokers packing!

Qatar Cat said...

What a nutcase.

Qatar Cat said...

And oh, tell me, is Ukrainian really the only official language now??

That would be quite sad.

Taras said...

According to the Constitution, there’s only one official language in Ukraine: Ukrainian.

In Kyiv, most people still speak Russian, even though most of them do speak Ukrainian. Most people speak Russian out of habit. No one will do you any harm if you speak Russian on the streets of Kyiv.

But to have a person who speaks no Ukrainian run the capital of a country where 77.8 percent of the population are Ukrainian doesn’t seem right. If I spoke no Hebrew, would I be able to run for Mayor of Haifa, even if I were one of the 1.1 million FSU immigrants living in Israel?

Finally, it’s not the language issue per se that makes me crazy about our current Mayor. In his “hall of fame,” the land issue comes first.

Jonathan said...

I just want to say that your site is excellent.. I'm an Englishman who has occasionally worked and visited Ukraine in the past 8 years.
I love the country and people and it needs more critical thinking people like you! keep up the good work.

Taras said...

Thank you, Jonathan!

It’s a pleasure to have feedback. Ukraine indeed needs critical thinkers, and I try to be one of them whenever I can.

Keep coming back to Ukraine. God save the Queen:)!