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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bratstvo “Fucks” Bush for Beer, Kosmos Scraps Anthrax House for Photo Opps

Bush’s arrival inspired Bratstvo activists to stage a “fuck” flash mob in which participants mosaicked their bodies on the sidewalk for a bottle of beer.

It was their way of saying hello to President Bush and the Pentagon.

Over the years, an eye-catching evolution has occurred in the political views of Dmytro Korchynsky, the leader of Bratstvo (Brotherhood) and a former member of UNSO. In the dawn of his career, Korchynsky had hogged the spotlight campaigning against the war in Chechnya.

Male participant: I feel that the earth beneath me is a little cold, but actually, in my life, I’ve experienced lying on the snow a few times, so basically I’m feeling some sort of excitement, that’s how I’d put it.

Female bystander, in an attempt to discipline the youths: Wallowing and swearing — is that what you call a protest?
Young man: Who’s swearing?
Female bystander: You had the stupidity to write obscenities in the capital of your motherland.

Reporter: Are you feeling a sense of satisfaction from telling “fuck” to bush?
Male participant: Yes. Although, of course, I miss the moment of not seeing, with my own eyes, him watching these photographs or something like that. But I think they’ll bring it to him.

Sure, it must have been the top item in Bush’s morning briefs as he woke up in his presidential suite at Hyatt Regency. Don’t miss yourself on Google Earth and don’t forget the beer, pal! With Bratstvo in the sandbox, America's satellite capability certainly runs the risk of being overloaded!

Anthrax house protesters got a powerful ally: early mayoral elections. Both Vice Premier Turchynov and Mayor Chernovetsky rushed to claim credit for convincing the “anthrax house” builders to quit.

Chernovetsky, who is now spinning the hell out of his “servant leadership” on municipal television, tried to claim more.

Kyiv Mayor Leonid “Kosmos” Chernovetsky: We've been accused of various machinations involving…uh…well, whatever, right? Let our opponents, let our opponents try to find a single place that either I or my team in Kyiv illegally used against you. But we do find such places. [Good point!] In this particular case, we’re at a site of construction that we won’t let proceed. At the first session [of the City Council], we will revoke this permit, which was issued by former mayor Omelchenko in 2003.

Chernovetsky’s security detail tries to prevent the activists from waving a “Fuck Kosmos, too!” banner.

Voice from the crowd: Chernovetsky’s bodyguards are beating people!

Activist: The thing is, the authorities, until we raised the roof here, did absolutely nothing. And now our beloved Mayor’s spin doctors brought him here to make a statement. Uh…we believe that it’s not right, that the Mayor should be acting in the legal dimension. And it’s lo…long overdue that he should have been acting in the legal dimension, because, to stop this construction because it is simply and apparently outrageous.

If vermicelli voters re-elect Kosmos, I won’t be surprised to see the “anthrax house” off to a brand new start, in a whole new galaxy of kosmic projects. Check out this cool site.

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James Stanhope said...

Could you please explain the term "anthrax house"? Does "anthrax house" refer to 'barbaric construction' in Kiev (as in one of the blog labels) or to anti-construction squatters (if there are any)? I both Googled "anthrax house" and also linked to the blog label "barbaric construction" and in both cases found nothing helpful. Thanks for any explanation.

Blair Sheridan said...

Isn't the building at the hospital being done by a BYuT deputy?

hans said...

Thought you might enjoy this:

Taras said...

Welcome to my blog, James!

The “anthrax house” refers to the high-rise that, until recently, was to be erected outside the Central Municipal Hospital (aka the October Hospital), at a site that some historical records show to be an anthrax cemetery.

Learn more here, here, and here.

Good point, Blaire!

I raised the subject of BYuT defectors’ liaison with Chernovetsky in this post.

If certain BYuT members indeed have something to do with that house, which may very well be true, I guess that gives us the big picture.

That’s corporate raiding — Regionalist style! Thanks for the vid, Hans!:)