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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tymo to Head BYuT Ticket in Kyiv City Council Elections

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: Indeed, there will be a simultaneous election of the Kyiv Mayor and the Kyiv City Council, in which both the assembly and the mayor will be replaced. And I’ve made my final decision to certainly head the [BYuT] Kyiv City Council ticket. Why? It’s not an issue of me lacking a City Council member’s position. It’s merely a demonstration of responsibility before the city of Kyiv for the ticket’s quality, for every legislator, for the decisions that are made, for the policies that the Kyiv City Council will frame. This the capital of Ukraine, and I believe that it is exactly this demonstration of support for Kyivites and this demonstration of the highest level of my responsibility, and, by the way, I will also check whether Kyivites trust me personally — and that’s important, too — and that’s why I will go in order to demonstrate the responsibility and consistency of our policy.

Smart PR move! Speaking of support, however, the lofty rhetoric doesn’t do it much justice. The broken syntax does.

Indeed, there’s a gap between Kyivites’ support for BYuT in 2006 and the scant support Kyivites have received from BYuT in their struggle with the land-grabbers. Some of those land-grabbers came to the City Council under the BYuT brand.

So, if BYuT wants to talk about responsibility, they should start by taking responsibility for the "quality" of the 2006 ticket.

Will BYuT undo some of the damage done during the last two years and bring the guys who did it to justice? They’d better do!

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