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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making Fun of Failure

PM Tymoshenko: We’ll do everything to have Yosyp Vinsky travel by handcar. After all, he’s the Minister of Transport, right? Let him travel. Would that be fine? Hahaha! All right. Still, I really don’t think we have a problem there. I think Yosyp Vinsky is a very modest person, and he will never indulge in any kind of misappropriation. You know, I’m proud of having such a team in our government today. I want to ask: When will the time come when officials will bear responsibility for having plundered Ukraine so bigtime? And Yosyp Vinsky will go on being a modest person, and will be further driving modestly.

What a modest punishment for breaking the self-extolled rules!

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Marta Salazar said...

Hi Taras!

...because the minister has the 4Matic Mercedes S500L?

Taras said...

He used to enjoy himself in that luxury car until the scandal hit him.

The car belongs to a company controlled by the Ministry of Transport.

I strongly believe that as long as Ukrainian officials throw loads of taxpayers’ money into such expensive toys, Ukraine will remain on the bottom of Europe.

Anonymous said...

So the moral is using a $100k car is not swinish behavior for politicians but using a traffic cordon is? I wonder if there is an etiquette booklet for UA politicians outlining the philosophical subtleties of what is right and wrong? Would it not be a hoot to write up the dos and don'ts?

Story relates how PM Tymoshenko made remarks when she outlawed the use of diverting traffic for official vehicles, in which she referred to that practice as "political swinishness".

Taras said...

Some people just don’t notice how they fail to practice what they preach, and Tymo is certainly no exception. Being holier than thou can be so hard for her to detect.

Or, wait, it could have been one of those trips — 10% of the total, as she claimed — when she does use police escorts, and, presumably, road cordons.