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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When Tears Don’t Lie (And Should Be Taken Seriously)

Here’s food for thought from last Friday’s Savik Shuster’s Svoboda talk show:

Volodymyr Lytvyn: If we have resourceful teachers, if we have resourceful parents, we won’t have untalented kids. One last thing: I am confident that in families where the parents take interest in everything, the kids won’t need to be taught how to read.

Savik Shuster: Thank you. Can you tell us why you’re crying? Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Girl: A killer. [roar of laughter from the audience]

Savik Shuster: A killer?
Girl: Dear politicians…

Savik Shuster: But killers don’t cry.
Girl: Dear politicians, there you are, accusing each other of all kinds of thieves…thievery, but you all know — and, you know, Mr. Prosecutor [camera catches Piskun], too, will probably corroborate — that wrongdoers and criminals will always come back to the crime scene. Why do you always come back to power? Why don’t you let me live? Why don’t you let me voice my opinion?

Savik Shuster: Could you tell us your name?
Girl: Sofia.

Savik Shuster: Where are you from?
Girl: I’m from the city of Lviv.

Savik Shuster: And how old are you?
Girl: I’m 15.

Savik Shuster: And where do you study?
Girl: Um…at school. [squeezes out a laugh]

Savik Shuster: I understand that.
Girl: I’ve also been an active member of the Children’s Academy of Sciences for three years.

Savik Shuster: Wonderful! Do you promise us not to cry again?
Girl: No, I’m not a politician to promise anything.

A gripping video, isn’t it? This girl isn’t kidding, is she? The emotional yet mature grasp of Ukrainian politics she demonstrates should make the “powers that be” think — before it’s too late.

When she says “I’m not a politician to promise anything,” she makes it sound like “that’s not the shape of my heart.”

Now look at her hairstyle. What do you see?

So how long before payback time begins? How long before we have folks like Mathilda and Léon the Professional scouring this country, screwing back the proFFessors who screwed them?

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Orest said...

Little Sofia is the future of Ukraine.

Let the politicians beware that they have been put on notice by future generations.

Taras said...

Amen to that, Orest.

Anonymous said...

"A normal person who is in control of himself or herself and aspires to be acknowledged as a politician should not throw a tantrum in response to a reasonable question posed with youthful brashness, for example, why do MPs constantly return to parliament, like criminals to the scene of a crime? The girl who asked that question was forced to hear some caustic remarks in response: about the “abnormal” level of aggression for a child of her age and her lack of respect for MPs. Everything ended disgracefully, with the young participant, Sofia Vatuliak, bursting into tears and the complete self-satisfaction of those who had reduced her to them. ... I tried to find out about Sofia’s feelings and impressions when she left the studio.

We hit it off from the start, and I immediately understood that she has a great future ahead of her, and she will certainly become a journalist. She expressed herself in an articulate and competent manner. There are plenty of young people who speak with clarity and conciseness, but not everyone has the same conviction that there is one target to be aimed at and hit-injustice and lies.

“Why did you say you would be a killer? This sparked some confusion in the audience.”

“Wouldn’t you agree that you can kill even with a single word? This is what I will do: I will strike with words. The main thing is that I know what my future goal is.” "
full article

Taras said...

That's a fantastic follow-up story! Thanks for the link!

I'm definitely adding The Day to my blogroll.