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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cow Dung Showered on Zaporizhzhya Mayor

Tuesday was a bad day for Zaporizhzhya Mayor Ihor Meshchan.

It breaks my heart to think of all the better candidates left behind. That’s not fair!



Anonymous said...

is it a full moon or something???

Markov has been at it again agitating furiously "The Ukrainian authorities are preparing to break up the Church in Ukraine, and this could take place as early as this year, Kremlin-connected political scientist Sergey Markov claimed. ... Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko and his brother Pyotr Yushchenko are behind these plans, he added."

The story has had some 'legs' remarkable for an item for which no proof is at all provided.



Taras said...

Not too long ago, a Regionalist claimed that Petro Yushchenko was about to confine himself to a monastery.

Anonymous said...

a Regionalist claimed that Petro Yushchenko was about to confine himself to a monastery.

Actually I think I brought that news story to your attention and yes, it was a legit source (?Газети по-українськ) but I think that Markov's statements are tied into Yushchenko's attempt to being Kyiv Lavra under state control and not the Moscow Patriarch and also by having his brother become a monk :)))

Taras said...

Talk of a unified church has been around for more than a decade, ever since Ukraine became independent.

Still, Markov’s doomsayings make no sense. Using the Lavra as a centerpiece in any unification strategy appears to be extremely problematic.

The Russian Orthodox Church cannot be subjected to a presidential decree. Any such attempts will be met with stiff resistance and vicious reprisals from the Kremlin, and will set off a wildfire of Russian Orthodox fundamentalism.

Anonymous said...

Here we go - the story does have 'legs'.

"According to Stratfor sources in the Kremlin, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his brother Piotr Yushchenko allegedly are devising a plan to split Ukraine's Orthodox Church officially from the Moscow patriarch's authority, tearing it from Russia. The move would be one of the more controversial Ukraine has taken against its former Soviet Union partner and could spark a much larger crisis within Ukraine and with Russia. ..."



Taras said...

There's nothing unusual about those "legs."

I just can't imagine this scenario being set in motion during Yushchenko's re-election campaign.