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Friday, March 14, 2008

Identity Crisis: ‘Wayward Official’ or ‘Persona Non Grata?’

You’re gonna love this one! Here’s a man of kosmic candor and introspection:

We live in a country where a wayward official, so to speak, meaning one who refuses to meet special interests halfway — which is what I am — is certainly a persona non…well, I wouldn’t call it non grata, but at least one who does create problems…

I don’t know about bread, but we’ve got circus galore. That’s for sure!

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Anonymous said...

Chernovetskyi Says His Ukrainian Is Good


Anonymous said...

Хіт-парад образливих цитат щодо Черновецького


Taras said...

I like Tymo’s witticism most of all:)

It is based on a memorable quote from Women Talk to Women, a Leningrad-Boston space bridge, hosted by Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue, which aired July 17, 1986.

The phrase “There is no sex in the USSR” was coined by Lyudmila Ivanova of the Soviet Women’s Committee. That’s how she responded to a question framed by an American woman concerned about the dominance of sexploitation commercials on American television.

Ivanova’s statement became an instant hit for years of glasnost and perestroika to come, as people began to talk about sex more openly.

Here’s a Wiki article in Russian.

Taras said...

The language spoken by Chernovetsky falls into a neurolinguistic category of its own.

Joking aside, Kuchma and Yanukovych certainly did a much better job of mastering Ukrainian.