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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chernovetsky Deputy: We’ll Win Anyway

As the mayoral campaign heats up, blowing hot air and exuding bravado becomes the trademark.

Deputy Kyiv Mayor Oles Dovhy: Indeed, Kyiv Day is the day when a rather large number of mass events will be held, and it’s all of those young people who will be active and present in the city of Kyiv. It’s accident that this [election] day coincides with Kyiv Day. And I have absolutely reliable information that this is one of one of our opponents’ technical tricks. But even having realized that even a high turnout will not help any of our opponents win, they are now obsessed with the idea of a two-round election. So let me warn you, gentlemen: Even with two rounds, three, four, or five — and no matter how you change the election law throughout the campaign process — we’ll win anyway.

As you can see from this poster, the confident Deputy Mayor has quite a few fans on the Web raving mad about him.

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