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Monday, March 17, 2008

Chernovetsky: “I Can Have Any Minister Bend Over and Take It”

Kyiv Mayor Chernovetsky: To tell you the truth, with all the ambition I’ve got, there’s no position in Ukraine that I would crave, because I’m fully fulfilled. Today, I can easily have any Minister bend over and take it — that’s no problem — and a being a Minister is not much of a position to me. But if I get kicked out of the Church…

Congregation: Hahaha!

Chernovetsky: …that will be my biggest loss.

— Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky, speaking at an Embassy of God church service

First of all, at least one Minister has already proven him wrong in his “Christian” confidence.

Second, for some reason, Chernovetsky has remained with the Church despite the avalanche of land scandals that would defrock any officeholder or church member in any Western country.

All of which suggests that the Embassy of God works in mysterious ways.


Anonymous said...

power tends to corrupt in all realms of life, apparently...


Taras said...

Spills the beans, doesn’t he?

This video spills the crème de la crème of corruption, both spiritual and social.

I can only hope that his “biggest loss” is yet to come, and that it will include a just punishment for all the crimes he has committed against Kyivites.

Anonymous said...

"Parliament appointed early election of Kyiv Mayor

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed an early election of the Kyiv Mayor and the Kyiv City Council.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the parliament has supported the decree on carrying out an early election of the Kyiv Mayor and the Kyiv City Council. 246 out of 441 lawmakers, registered in the chamber, voted for this.

The faction of the Party of Regions abstained from voting.

In line with the decree, the early election of the Kyiv Mayor will take place on May 25 (the last Sunday after the 70-day period since the date when the decree comes into force)."
Congratulations ! Tomenko from BYuT might be the next Mayor. There is no agreed upon candidate from NUNS+BYuT coalition. Could it split the vote? Assume he will be facing Klitschko. Though support for Yulia must be high - so do u think Tomenko next Mayor?

Next stop Xharkiv.


Taras said...

That’s good news!

But the problem with the early election is that we may end up with a rerun of the 2006 plurality vote.

In the absence of a 50%+1 majority requirement, the new wave of handouts may mobilize "vermicelli voters" into another deadly attack.

I’m skeptical about Tomenko and Klychko. Who are these dudes? Wtf were they doing the day Chernoco grabbed the land? Playing with themselves?

IMHO, former mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko, his faults notwithstanding, would be the most capable challenger. He won the 1999 and 2002 elections with 76 and 73 percent of the vote, respectively.

Anonymous said...

sorry another name got thrown into the ring - Lutsenko (maybe) but again think that pro-Tymo support might push Tomenko through. Well Chernoco will put up a good fight.


Taras said...

Here’s an article that envisages Turchynov as the most likely BYuT candidate.