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Friday, March 14, 2008

Kosmos: Approval Ratings Interfere With My Work

Here’s one hell of a kosmic confession from a guy who used to hide behind Yushchenko’s apron strings as he ducked from Tymoshenko’s thunderbolt.

He’s now playing cat and mouse with her, having taken a two-week sabbatical from his job, sanctioned by the President. The move, pending a probe into his activities, raises suspicions of a well-choreographed team play between the City Hall and the Secretariat of the President.

When one's power is being shaken…uh…one certainly should think about ratings. And this interferes with my work. I understand the rules of the game. I keep tabs on how strong I am to defeat any challenger. But this certainly creates interference in the city.

Isn’t there a deeper meaning to his words, one he may not be aware of? I mean, if his approval ratings “interfere” with his work, then what kind of “work” does he do? Could it be that his work interferes with the daily lives of Kyivites who rate him?

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Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

Well, haha... if approval ratings interfere with his work, it means that he cannot take the pressure that comes with the job. He should quit. Or he should learn to ignore approval ratings and move on. Think about George Bush... he used to say that he doesn't run country on "ratings", lol.

Anonymous said...

Internet tidbits - off topic but fun

Путин отстал от своего кортежа

Taras said...


Ruslana got herself a website facelift. And Puttie got himself the wrong lift:)

Daniel, this guy is a lot funnier than Bush:)