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Monday, March 31, 2008

Azarov Adds Apples to Oranges

MP Mykola Azarov, PRU, former Finance Minister: No questions, I just want to say that the State Treasury accounts contained 12 billion in foreign exchange and 12 billion in UAH, a total of 24 billion, Nikolai Ivanovich.

[addressing Mykola Syvulsky, chief of the Control and Inspection Directorate (Ukr acronym: KRU), the rough Ukrainian equivalent of the Government Accountability Office]

When an ordinary person misspeaks or miscalculates, you probably realize the same thing can happen to you. But when a former Finance Minister says something that strange, you start doing the math.

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Anonymous said...

Come on give the guy a break, who can keep track and remember all those numbers esp. if they are alt. sets of realities ('aka creative bookkeeping'? Actually should not he be "forcibly retired" due to his age? isn't that in the Constitution?


Anonymous said...

Congrats - building has been stopped by the hospital.

Let's see if it sticks.


Anonymous said...

Victory over the system regarding the stoppage of the building near the hospital.


Taras said...

You’re absolutely right, Luida!

From a professional point of view, he really deserves a break — a big break. Let’s not forget that, until Kuchma discovered him and appointed him Chief of the Tax Administration, Azarov had a sterling career in geology.

Those anthrax house protesters were lucky to have elections coming their way. Thousands of other distressed Kyivites never had that much luck.

And guess what — Kosmos quickly claims credit and gets a cornucopia of photo opps!