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Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Monster to Dwarf Kyiv Landscape for $100 M Profit

Get a glimpse of yet another Godzilla with which local developers plan to decorate the picturesque hills overlooking the Dnipro, in place of a cathedral destroyed by the Bolsheviks. (See below.)

Adding to a similarly designed riverfront edifice built there a few years ago, the 18-storied upscale high-rise about to be erected will further degrade the architectural makeup of Kyiv. The project, which promises a profit of $100 million, has already kicked off, scrapping the local children’s playground.

The brainchild of the greedy developers will cast a permanent blight on nearby landmarks, including Askold’s Tomb, Kalynovy Hai (Holodomor Memorial Park), the Kruty Monument (the latter two founded by President Yushchenko), and the Orthodox shrine of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

At a time when the city prepares to celebrate the 1020th anniversary of Christianity’s introduction into Kyivan Rus, the hills from which Christianity spread throughout the eastern Slavic region will be bowing down to the God of Money for all the world to see. (Good morning, Mr. President!)

Apparently some home builders are relying on their hard-earned stacks of money and urban planners to build themselves a stairway to heaven.



elmer said...

OK, Taras, let me ask a stupid question. You know the answer, and I know the answer, but let's get it out on the table anyway.

Humor me, please, and let's just go through the exercise.

As you rightly point out, one of the most beautiful parts of Kyiv, which appears on postcards worldwide, will be marred.

Some cities, smart cities, have urban planning commissions, which seek to preserve and enhance the beauty of the city while not stifling needed economic development. People tend to flock to such cities.

Doesn't Kyiv have an urban planning commission?

Taras said...

I gladly accept your proposition, Elmer!

Of course, Kyiv has its urban planning commission. But not in any public sense of the word. The same applies to our mayor.

According to the Ukrayinska Pravda report, the high-rise monster was blueprinted by a company linked to Serhiy Babushkin, the former Architect-General of Kyiv.

If I’m not mistaken, this guy was in charge when they started erecting the Troyitsky trade center, which violates UEFA regulations and will be dismantled — with taxpayers’ money. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the time, local developers enjoy a carte blanche. They build whatever they want, wherever they want. They can buy whatever it takes to build whatever they want. They build for the rich. They beat the shit out of the poor. The housing prices we have rival those in the New Europe — and even those in the Old one. Not so with the earnings we have.

Now, UNESCO-protected areas are a real pain in the ass. But who says they can’t surround them with skyscrapers real tight? Remember the Eiffel Tower analogy from the “healthy ego” guy? He means business!

DLW said...

keep on pushing the worshipping Mammon angle!!!


Taras said...

I'll try. There are mountains of mammon-worship to be pushed here.

DLW said...

The key is to play political jujitsu so you don't break your back or simply get brought on board.


hans said...

holy shit that's ugly.

Michelle said...

Kyiv is so beautiful.....the new buildings will not be an addition but subtract from it's beauty and history. It makes me sad.

Taras said...

It really is, Hans!

Michelle, with monsters like this one mushrooming here, there and everywhere, this city is going straight to hell.

elmer said...

To put it more bluntly -

if the Roman Coliseum had been located in Kyiv rather than Rome, today the Roman Coliseum would be gone.

English history television programs come to film the Golden Gates of Kyiv.

A bunch of thugs in Ukraine are intent on obliterating all remnants of them.

What the heck is going on?

Taras said...

Good point, Elmer!

The Coliseum is so damn lucky not to be located in Chernocoland.