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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Raisa Bohatyryova: From Separatist to Stateswoman

I want to call on you to support me, and I want to address everyone who hears us and who will learn about our convention. The day it gets into someone’s head to have a rerun election, we won’t go with it. We will hold a referendum on the creation of a Southeastern State — and that’s the answer to all questions.

— MP Raisa Bohatyryova, PRU, speaking at the Severodonetsk Convention, November 2004

Today the positive thing is that Ukraine — without haste and in talks with the European Union, with the Russian Federation, with the United States of America, and with the Security Council of the United Nations, taking into consideration the interests of both disputants — is trying, in this way, to find and define a solution that would, first and foremost, promote the national interests of Ukraine and the European community.

— Raisa Bohatyryova, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, addressing the issue of recognizing Kosova, March 2008

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t it stabilnist we can believe in?

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P.S. Here’s an Ocean’s 11 spoof that aptly illustrates Bohatyroyova’s transmogrification.

Yushchen’s 11
The enemies want to take away everything from him: his approval ratings, his power, and even his second term. But he doesn’t give up and calls his friends. The guys who won’t let his victory be stolen are: Bohatyryova, Yekhanurov, Yatsenyuk, Semenyuk, Baloha and his six NUNS defectors.

Watch in Ukrainian the blockbuster Yushchen’s 11.



Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am still in shock at Bohatyryova's move from PoR to Yushchenko's spokeswoman. Even PoR is unsure what to do regarding her status in the party. And great Yushchenko's 11 Poster re-make. :)


Taras said...

I like that poster, too. It hits the spot:)!

I consider her an unknown quantity — something of a maverick-mole. Time will tell the exact proportion.

Anonymous said...

In the photo report of how Tymoshenko met with Yushchenko esp. in the 3rd, 4th, 5th ones on the page, the wider shots show Bohatyryova and it so reminded me of the Yushchenko 11 poster. I had read that she was present but she was cropped out of the shots that I saw. Not sure what she was doing there nor why the meeting had to held at Boryspil asap as the President's plane landed - were they trying to make the media deadlines? Oh well. Tymoshenko looked fabulous and her coat will be a trendsetter.


Taras said...

Gotta love this Boryspil-related poster!:)

Anonymous said...


That is a great poster. Thanks.