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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do Ya Think I’m Stable? ‘Stabilnist Daddy’ Parcels Out Flowers on Women’s Day

The Party of Regions celebrates International Women’s Day in a special way. Witness a “go-for-it” approach to gender:

Opposition Leader Yanukovych: May you always be as beautiful as you are today…
MP Hanna Herman, PRU: Thank you, Viktor Fedorovych [in Ukraine, the formal address includes a patronymic.]
Yanukovych: …yes, with that smile you’ve got.

Yanukovych: Innochka… [diminutive for Inna]
MP Inna Bohoslovska, PRU: You are so beautiful! There’s so much warmth coming from you. Thank you so much! Thank you!

Yanukovych: Lenochka… You look so worried today. You’re worrying.
MP Olena Lukash, PRU: Hahaha!
Yanukovych: What agenda? Today’s a holiday!

Yanukovych, speaking in surzhyk: Can you…can you see what…what’s happening today? Again and again, we congratulate women, right from the very morning today. Let’s get to work. Yes, we’ll be working.

Yep, here’s a guy who plans his work and works his plan.

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