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Monday, April 07, 2008

Yushchenko Invites Everyone to a Community Service Day

President Yushchenko: Come over here, all of you. Take three bricks or add three bricks — that will be your contribution.

College student: It’s quite terrific. It brings us closer within our student body, within our university, and basically we’re doing something wonderful for our country, and it’s getting better.

From a public relations perspective, cleaning up Mystetsky Arsenal territory works a lot better than cluttering the streets with those pompous billboards. Click here for more community service pics.

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Anonymous said...

Photos from this past weekend and story at UNIAN


PS Didn't they rip all the photos from the Pres. site? Isn't that violation of copyright law? Piracy ;)And is the owner of the site still the same? or did it change hands?

Taras said...

Prutnik is no pirate! He’s a friend:)!

Such copying practices rarely become a legal issue in Ukraine.

Billions of dollars worth of public property have walked out the door, and it was all “legit.”

Marta Salazar said...

I also want to work in the Mystetsky Arsenal!


Taras said...


Hello said...

Cool article even includes architectural plans of the site.

"Хто збудує український Лувр?"


Taras said...

Thanks for the link, Luida!

Project management has never been easy, especially when it comes to the Ukrainian government.

Needless to say, the incentive to build things at a breakneck pace carries the threat of making a Pisa Tower out of the Gate Church of the Trinity.