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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Markov Can’t Get Ukraine Out of His Head

Russian political scientist Sergey Markov: Dragging Ukraine into NATO are the same Washington lunatics who started the civil war in Iraq between Sunni and Shia. Like a bull in a china shop, like a drunken cowboy, they barged into that Iraq and ruined the whole place. Everybody’s fighting. Likewise, they want to bar…barge, like a drunken cowboy, into Ukraine and ruin the whole place there.

Why don’t you give us a break? Why don't you preach your patronizing prophecies to the "unlucky" countries that joined NATO after the U.S. invaded Iraq? Or perhaps this video may help. Or this one.
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Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor said...

Sergey Markov is an idiot. He should not be worrying about Ukraine. After all, he is Russian "political scientist." What an idiot.

Taras said...

Markov is just being himself, and he is not alone in his "Ukrainian business."

Zhirinovsky, Zatulin, and Putin complete the ensemble.

elmer said...

speaking of drunken - nice hair, nice tie, Markov! Did he just get out of a barroom brawl?

Why are the Russians screaming about Ukraine, and Chechnya, and Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, and about everything else?

Think about it - Russia is not a country.

It is a federation, composed of many different nationalities, mostly Asian.

If you boil Russia down to just Russia, it is - tiny. It's - nothing.

So the Russians have learned to use force and propaganda and screaming and shouting to subjugate others into one great "oily orthodox mother roosha."

They play the spoiler in everything. They can't do anything constructive, so it's "whatever it is, we're against it - nyet."

Zvirinovsky is part of that same game. So is Putin, in telling President Bush that Ukraine is not a state.

They created a genetic culture of fear, and even imported foreign rulers to play their game, tsarina Catherine, the Prussian princess, and Stalin, from Georgia, being just 2 notable examples.

It's like an old tsar or commissar that noone pays attention to, who tries to continue to get attention by kicking and yelling and screaming. Or by threatening to cut off gas or oil.

It's pathetic.

Taras said...

Markov serves as just another reminder of how Moscow seeks to solve its neighbors’ “problems” while neglecting its own.