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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tymo Revels in Joan of Arc Ethos

As she addressed the Federation of Labor Unions, PM Yulia Tymoshenko mixed classic narcissism with grim reality and unintended humor.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: I, for one, am lonely. I have a wall of absolutely vested interests before me, a team of officials that have long been working for these vested special interests, and if I want to snatch back something for you, they will first call me a populist, an unprofessional person, a person who ruins business, cooperation — whatever. But never in my whole life have I heard that this harmony between you and business should really be restored.

Exactly what harmony does she want to restore? Is this some kind of solidarist joke, given our labor unions’ track record of catering to special interests?

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Anonymous said...

have seen Iron Lady (references Thatcher), have seen Joan of Arc, but could you explain the references to Fata Morgana --- this is used esp. in German consumption. I know it has to do with the Arthur legend but have never fully understood its appeal and why it is being referenced? what's the connection?


Taras said...

Germany is not my forte:)

In the Ukrainian context, the term can refer to Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky’s Fata Morgana.

I read it in my UkrLit class back in 1996.

Anonymous said...

Taras - Thank you so much :)))) You wonderful, kind, person not only did you provide me/as well readers with an excellent resource but it includes synopsis(Зміст). Thank you so much. (though it did me awhile because I kept clicking on Зміст which only reloads the page and then realized that had to click on Volume 1 or Volume 2. :))))

Thanks again, will pass url site on as it is an awesome site.


Taras said...

You are welcome, Luida!:)

It’s a nice online library. You can also find the works of Taras Shevchenko and Lesya Ukrayinka there.