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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Best of Ukrainian Political Collage 2

Welcome to another edition of and funnies!

Losing My Religion

100 Days of Yanukovych's Depression
[Tymoshenko's Premiership]

Yushchenko Coat of Arms
[at pointed jab at Yushchenko's bee husbandry]

Hurry up! There won't be enough for everyone!

Chernovetsky's Dream Team

Expulsion of Chernovetsky

The Victory Over Gazprom: Mykola Wuz Here!

There's no business without me!

Van Kosmos 2: The Rise of Cabbage
The land is growing!

Can you handle me?

Tato, I don't want to go to NATO!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Ukraine and the U.S. have agreed to joint exploration of space.



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