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Monday, January 15, 2007

Joan of Anticrisis Coalition Retreats to Jerusalem

No sooner had the hate mail hit her than she evacuated herself to the Holy Land.
The timing of her soul-searching pilgrimage speaks for itself.
Apparently she’s trying to create the impression that every act of rapport with the cosa regio nostra causes her great emotional distress. So there she is, doing penance for her sins, just days before the Epiphany, celebrated on Jan. 19 according to Orthodox tradition.

Her manifesto to fellow Ukrainian politicians (paraphrased): Thy ways are squalid; thou shalt go to church and thou shalt not come out until thou have purified thyselves.

The Israeli leadership is giving her a royal reception. She said the Knesset supports the idea of recognizing the Holodomor as genocide.

OK everybody, let’s cool our judgmental conscience and see the good girl inside her. Girlpower!


Stefan said...

great posts--just wanted to let you know that i am still reading. i really appreciated your comments on the ongoing land privatization ordeal, and look forward to more. ukrainians are about to be royally screwed all over the country--this according to the thoughts of one fellow i know that works in an ngo in kyiv on the land issue--and it will take organization that is totally lacking in ukraine to stop it.

it is because there is a lack of strong, well-entrenched grassroots organization in ukraine that i think one of the greatest tragedies of the post-or period is that pora was hijacked by the hubris of one man and by those who were convinced to make of it a political party. the grassroots still needed to be organized--the parliamentary-political game was entered premature. pora was the best positioned to maintain itself not just as an organization, but as a movement.


us'oho najkrashchoho,


Taras said...

Hi Stefan:)!

Thank you for reading my stuff. It breaks my heart to think of what the prykhvatization sequel will bring:(

Pora strikes me as a supernova that burned out too fast, leaving a debris of unspent youthful energy. Ukraine’s most promising organization fell victim to parasites at the top, namely Kaskiv and Klytchko. Where are these dudes? Has anybody heard from them? Well, as for the latter, aka “Dr. Ironfist,” he’s the shyest guy in the Kyiv City Council, a nesting place for plutocrats.

Let’s keep our eyes wide open. Будьмо!:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Taras:)

just would like to join Stefan, saying thank you for your excellent posts and wishing you bonne année 2007:)).
Hope it would be not an annus horribilis but rather a sunny and optimistic year like winter weather in Grenoble:)

Taras said...

Salut Sergiy:)!

Good to see you again! Having a great time, huh?;) Grenoble must be a cool place — looked it up on Google:) La Bastille, les Bulles, plus a splendid array of educational facilities! C’est magnifique!:)

Actually, it’s a warm place, I guess — same as here in Kyiv. With this hybrid form winter, one that mixes fall and spring to achieve historic highs, I feel totally lost in time and space. I've never experienced anything like this in my whole life. It’s as if, despite Yu’s shortcomings and Ya’s sabotage, Ukraine has relocated straight to the Mediterranean shores, thus rendering the issue of EU accession moot.

Viva la joie de vivre!:)