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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can Talkathons Get Tymoshenko Out of Jail?

Yes, they can. The opposition clearly thinks so.

It's all talk and no action for Tymoshenko apparatchiks. Any surprise there? Just like the Yanukovych crowd, they all want to talk their way back into Ukraine’s parliament. Does anyone of them feel like talking about how they screwed up? Not really. Just vote for them again, OK?

Will that work for Dnipropetrovsk subway construction workers who have gone without pay for six months? 

For most voters, it’s vacation season. Anyone willing to sit through 3:37:17 hours of “middle class this and that” opposition talk? Not me.

If there’s one grassroots Ukrainian who can remotely relate to Tymoshenko’s overboard experience, it’s this lady. Watch her fall off a jam-packed marshrutka in Dnipropertrovsk, Tymoshenko’s hometown.

And boy did she know how to dust herself off!

Chase her. Make her endorse Tymoshenko.