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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sex Tourist Tied Up, Dumped on Highway, Vigilantes’ Video Claims

Did FEMEN outsource their cause to these guys?

Now how about we trade smalltime sex tourists for some equally fun-loving high-net-worth cons? I mean, for real, not like this

More like this. More like Uncle Sam in former PM Lazarenko's case: We put him in our jail, we let him keep his money. Ukraine's money, that is.

So maybe we should put a PM exchange program of sorts in place? To help address our seniors’ healthcare needs, for example. (Unless they can afford German doctors, of course.) Maybe that program would stop our -impaired seniors from feeling like bombing our government out of its luxury misery.

Elderly woman: They’re all poor. You look at them and you say, could someone take this place where they all are and drop some f**king bomb on them and blow them up to f**king kingdom come?

All talk and no action, aren't they? Think again.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Opposition Leader Yatsenyuk Slams U.S. Fed ‘Pyramid’

Are you guys sophisticated enough to hear this?

Opposition leader/former foreign minister Yatsenyuk: Same story with the United States, by the way. Although I enjoy talking with them very much, with all of them — they’re very sophisticated people, quite incredibly so, knowledgeable — to build such a financial pyramid, starting with Bretton Woods — only geniuses can do such a thing. Only geniuses. I mean, to get the whole world hooked on one shot, which is the U.S. dollar, and to print this dollar and to stock up on everything for nothing but paper — that's awesome. I have to admit, I don’t know how things will go from here, now that they’ve printed some 14 trillion.

Hope our guy doesn’t get his U.S. visa revoked. Because it looks like he and Lukashenka (who likes Obama, by the way) are on the same page on this dollar pyramid thing. (24:31-48:37)


No wonder some democracy folks already prefer the quid to the greenback. Will the Yanukovych folks “liaising” with Western reporters follow suit?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pastor Adelaja Purged Demons from Tymoshenko, His Aide Says

Everybody has them. But not all demons come in king/queen-size. 

One size, one church.

Reporter: You’ve never seen Tymoshenko at the Embassy of God?
Former aide to Adelaja: Never seen? Why, she did come. Let me recall...December...uh...2000.

Adelaja: I know...uh...Yulia Volodymyrivna personally and I respect her very much and I think she’s good and one of the gifted politicians of Ukraine.

Former aide to Adelaja: She came just like ordinary folks do, didn’t have a braid, had straight hair, said “I’m Tymosh-Tymoshenko-enko.” “There’s evil out there,” so she kept saying. “There’s evil in parliament and so on, and this evil needs to be done away with.” He [Adelaja] stood by. He started handling her, right with his hands. He’d take her by the hand and then he’d swing her like this, and I’m watching him and I am thinking...I mean, he had never acted like that to anyone. 

Former Kyiv mayors/rivals Omelchenko and Chernovetsky. Former PMs/partners Lazarenko and Tymoshenko. A friend of the Yushchenko family. A Yanukovych appointee. Plus, assorted celebs. The list goes on and on.

With such a diverse portfolio of parishioners and allegiances, Adelaja looks like a walking WikiLeaks-in-waiting.

In the meantime, let the West stay in the dark on how close Ukraine's ruling and not-so-ruling (drooling) elites can be.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Police Brutality Reminiscent of Pre-Orange Revolution Days

Except that the opposition doesn’t have that much support. At least, not yet.



Not until we have a major devaluation.