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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tymoshenko Banging on Door With High Heels (Prison Video)

If she can barely walk, why wear those?

Tymoshenko [in Russian]: I will not stop.

Oops! Why get so camera-shy? Why assume the walker position and switch from Russian to Ukrainian? Do all walkers come with fancy footwear these days?

It's either another fake video or the Geiger counter shoes. (To counter the threat of Yanukovych’s Obama-friendly "lowly enriched Iranium.")

Anyway, here's how she sums up the whole situation.

Tymoshenko: Every person in Ukraine today, essentially, is living in a criminal country that Yanukovych has built. Every person is experiencing firsthand how the law is being trampled, how people are absolutely destitute. And it's here that I'm experiencing all of this, in my own destiny, in my own life.
If only every destitute person out there had shoes like that. Maybe they’d storm Yanukovych's luxury-packed residence and sang-bang him into submission.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

106 Yanukovych, 90 Tymoshenko Candidates Red-Flagged by Election Watchdog

Only 2 of our 449 MPs meet the Honesty Movement's criteria.


What's that? And how many bad guys do we have?

Violated human rights, 97
Jumped ship, flip-flopped, breached voters' trust, 76
Engaged in acts of corruption, 272
Filed piss-poor tax returns despite lavish lifestyles, 350
Voted for the other guy, or "played the piano," 424
Found solace in habitual absenteeism, 230

Quite a deck of cards, huh?


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rice Takes Watch Off, Recalls Arab Spring, Ceausescu

Feeling nervous lecturing our man, huh?

Hope it was nothing special. Not that special.

"We Will Stop Them!" the opposition says.

You do the math. 


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

'We Will Stop Them!' Opposition Ad Targets Unemployed Youth

It’s Yanukovych’s pot of gold v. Tymoshenko’s prison bidet.

Placement agency: There's no work for you.

Jobseeker: New proFFessors? [a dig at Yanukovych (aka 'ProFFessor') and his luxury-packed Mezhyhirya residence] Knowledge still not in demand around here? Connections and bribes work better, huh? It's not honest work that's valued, but one's ability to steal and cheat. They don't need educated people. They dream of us becoming a herd of slaves. We can't live like that anymore. They must be stopped.

Voiceover: We will stop them! United opposition. Fatherland [Tymoshenko's party].

Nice try, guys! I almost felt like buying this. But then I thought again. And again. And now I have some questions for you.

Can you practice what you preach? Can the guy in the ad make it to the opposition ticket without “connections” and “bribes,” so to speak?

What about this opposition lady? What kind of knowledge did it take for her daughter to get such a nice government job?