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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not all people protest out of passion like we did it in November 2004. Some do it on a paid basis like they did in April 2007, sponsored by the Party of Regions. See for yourself.

With the country in crisis and the Oranges in disarray, the demand for rent-a-Maidan protesters may rise dramatically.

Male protester 1: They signed me to be up there. What’s my number?
Female coordinator: Yours is row 24.

Male protester 2: Unemployed. [grins]
Reporter: Where did you work?
Male protester 2: Nowhere.
Reporter: What are you doing here?
Male protester 2: What am I doing here? I’m working! [giggles]

Male protester 3: We’re striking!
Reporter: So for whom? Against whom?
Male protester 3: Well, it’s hard to say for whom…forrr…just in general, that’s it.

Male protester 4: We’re rallying!
Reporter: For what? Against what?
Male protester 4: Whatever pays more!

Male protester 5: There’s one…one thing I’m doing here: justice. Our government…
Male coordinator: Okay, get over there, get over there! Why did you step out? Get in the crowd like you were told! I beg your pardon.

Reporter: What are they doing here?
Male coordinator: They’re rallying.

Thank you for this wonderful vox populi report, STB!

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Anonymous said...

I guess a dialogue like this can be heard everywhere.

Taras said...

I, too, believe that such scenes can be witnessed in many poverty-stricken, depressed parts of the world.

Poverty brings votes
Votes bring power
Power brings money
Money brings power

Anonymous said...

"Я извиняюсь, они митингуют." :-))) 5 баллов!!!

Taras said...

Так, “речник мітингувальників” не забарився з відповіддю:)