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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture of Kyiv Mayor Gets Framed in Article on Polygraph Tests for Pedophiles

Anyone notice any similarities?

The picture featuring Kyiv mayor Leonid “Kosmos” Chernovetsky dates back to the 2006 mayoral campaign. As a mayoral candidate, Chernovetsky aggressively advocated polygraph testing for municipal officials but dropped the idea once facing corruption allegations as mayor.

Anyway, thank you for this funny perspective, Daily Mirror! You made me wanna play this song:

The Daily Mirror has pulled the article.



Anonymous said...

morning monitoring said...

Кремль начинает предвыборную компанию по дискредитации Черновецкого.

Ukrainian Canadian said...

LOL that's hilarious

Taras said...

“The Kremlin launches a smear campaign against Chernovetsky”

Given Chernovetsky’s preference for speaking Russian and his failure to speak Ukrainian, that’s one of the funniest conspiracy theories ever!:)

It is, Andrew!:)

elmer said...

But wait - there's more!

The Mirror mistakenly published Kosmos' (note - the mayor of Kyiv is called Kosmos, short for cosmonaut, because he is a really, really weird and strange "space cadet") picture in a story about pedophiles.

The Mirror promptly pulled the story.

Ukrainian Pravda, the excellent Internet newspaper, where Georgiy Gongadze worked before he was beheaded during the Kuchma era (Gongadze was also one of the co-founders) also published the story about the mistake.

BUT - Kosmos, through the city-controlled newspaper, has attacked Ukrainian Pravda for "provocation" (the peculiar terminology used in post-sovok countries to signify a political attack).

The Kosmos group also accuse Ukrainian Pravda of publishing the story as a "paid advertisement," and that "someone" paid Ukrainian Pravda to "discredit" Kosmos.

In other words, Kosmos and his people have resorted to lying to gain attention for Kosmos as a "purported victim" of a smear campaign.

Kosmos and his people are obviously lying, and as Ukrainian Pravda states in its article (linked below) it's so easy to prove that even Kosmos' "beloved babushkas," the ones whom he pays for votes, can understand that.

In doing so, they quote the headline from another article in the Mirror: "Kosmos: the singing, swimming mayor of Kiev"

The guy is truly weird.

And, as a bonus, Ukrainian Pravda published several pictures of Kosmos the Weirdo's bodyguards shoving aside journalists, so that weirdo Kosmos doesn't have to answer his questions:

I still can't figure out why people in Kyiv were stupid enough to vote for this guy.

The "beloved babushkas," sovok brainwashed little idiots that they are - that's easy to figure out.

But it wasn't just the brainwashed and bribed "beloved babushkas" that voted for him.

He is a disgrace.