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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pro-Tymoshenko Tour Kicks Off With Concert in Kyiv

Last Saturday, a bunch of Ukrainian artists sang their hearts out for Yulia Tymoshenko on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the heart of the Orange Revolution.

The event marked the opening of “З Україн❤Ю в сердці” (“With YU❤raine at Heart,”) a pro-Tymoshenko road show — a charitable one, according to the artists. (What else could we expect from a workaholic candidate who wears her heart on her sleeve and calls her campaign ads social advertising?)

Some of the artists, namely Natalia Mohylevska, Iryna Bilyk and Ani Lorak, have a history of endorsing Viktor Yanukovych, Tymoshenko’s main rival in the upcoming presidential election.

With YU
kraine at heart, it doesn’t matter who pay$ the piper.

Singer Natalia Mohylevska (a fan of Yanukovych in 2004): Let me repeat it again: I'll stay with my candidate till the very end. I'm not a bitch and I'm not a rat running from one place to another because it's worried and wants the next government to provide some, I don't know, benefits — the ones it can really provide.

And, of course, it was with YUkraine at heart that Tymoshenko planned to $educe Yanukovych into doing a grand coalition with her.

Interestingly, one could spot a few protesters in the cheering crowd.

Be sure to check out the stone-faced Yulia T-shirt on Iryna Bilyk.

This is sooooo Soviet! (except for the earrings)

Dear Yulia, sweetheart, let me add a few hit songs to your suggestion jukebox:

На просторах родины чудесной
(Песня о Сталине)
Для нас открыты солнечные дали (Песня о Сталине)
Жить стало лучше
Советский простой человек
Ленин всегда с тобой



Lingüista said...

That does seem a bit much, doesn't it? :-(...

Yet looking at things from a purely pragmatic viewpoint... If Yushchenko is history, Yatsenyuk hasn't got much chance, and Yanukovych is worse, then it seems Tymoshenko is the best (read: least bad) option. Despite all her self-aggrandizing efforts.

Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...


Is Yulka not "Forever your Girl?" Or are you just cynical at yet another election campaign?

I remember how Okean Elzy supported Yushchenko very early on. "Vse bude dobre" for Vakarchuk and his dad, who is minister. Support for Yushchenko sounds like classic rock, nowadays.

I recall how Oleh Skrypka refused to support either Yu or Ya, but it was clear that his mood was orange.

Unknown said...

In Hungary artists/singers don't really interfere to politics. Politics is not a popular thing nowadays.
Isn't the last picture a communist propaganda photo? That red tie was very familiar to me desipite I have never worn it.
We have a class at school which is about society, constitutions etc.. so it is a kind of Social science and we learnt that even I was born right after the end of communist era (summer of 1990) my peers and I are havily influenced by communism not only economically but emotionally or mentally.

Taras said...


You’re right. Tymoshenko may be the lesser of two evils. Yet knowing her evils, I know it doesn’t help Ukraine much.


Tymoshenko stopped being my girl after she blew the mayoral election, teamed up with the Party of Regions, and made gas-love to Putin.

I respect Skrypka for not catering to the Queen of Hearts.


I wore that red tie as a badge of honor for a year and a half. I was promoted to the rank of pioneer in April 1989, while in second, not third, grade (being among the three top students in my class).

The Soviet Union’s days were numbered. By late 1990/early 1991, most people in my school would no longer wear their red ties.

Unknown said...

I don't know the price of that lap top. My friend estimated more than 500 000 Hungarian Forint while an average Hungarian earns around 110 000 Forints (ca 405 Euros) in a month however people around me earns a bit more.

elmer said...

What a gimmick!

What drama queens!

"Surprises" all over the place - for a rehearsed, scheduled performance of a really bad song ("She gave her heart to Ukraine, it's on a white background")

A piece of advice to Yulia - the outfit makes you look really, really bottom-heavy.

And the speech - "don't let your distrust of government get in the way of believing what we had in the Orange Revolution".

Shees - Yushchenko and NUNS tried the "don't betray Maidan/the Orange Revolution" - which went over like a lead balloon, thanks to Yushchenko and Tymo deciding to poo and pee all over each other.

So what does this really horrible imitation of "we are the world" get the people in Ukraine?

Any chance of the Party of Regions unblocking their physical rugby-style blocking of Parliament?

And chance of getting rid of the oligarchs in government?

And chance of finally getting truly representative government in Parliament?

Any chance of implementing the IMF-requested reforms?

Oh, wait - Yulka promised the IMF that she would raise gas prices, among other things.

The Blackstone Group, to whom she has paid tens of millions of dollars to advise her on how to deal with the IMF, must have told her that she can safely lie to the IMF.

In the meantime, I know there's one song I won't be singing - "her heart on a white background."

Taras said...


Nice laptop! Here’s what happened at a recent blowout laptop sale in Moscow:


The IMF should raise Louis Vuitton prices first.

My choice of Tymoshenko campaign slogans:

“Don’t let me stop working!”
“Don’t betray my wardrobe!”
“Because you need me!”
“Because they’re worse!”