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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kuchma: CIA, Not Kravchenko, Behind Gongadze Murder

Father knows best.

Kuchma: I think it’s nonsense. He [Kravchenko] couldn’t have any motives, and I’m convinced that under no circumstances would he have given such an order — and he didn’t.

I agree with you, Papi!

The order must have come from someone above, right?

Papi thinks it’s the CIA!

Kuchma: They did it to Gongadze — it was a provocation, an international degrade Ukraine and the president as well...for...[clears throat]...his views...and using this, for 5 years, so to speak, they would let go neither of me, nor...nor of Ukraine. It’s a p-p-pure real provocation, one that had, I’m convinced, foreign intelligence services behind it. I won’t name the country — you know very well. When, during the [Orange Revolution] demonstrations in Kyiv...on inter...chan...on these...on television they showed CIA operatives among the demonstrators, what business did they have there?

If that’s so, why bring Bill Clinton to Ukraine again?

And why donate millions to the Clinton Foundation?

I wonder what your son-in-law (Kuchma’s law, that is) thinks about your theory.

Agreed, when you gave away the world’s third-largest nuclear arsenal, you bought a license to do whatever you wanted with this country.

That license sort of expired when Uncle Sam's make-believe in your reform rhetoric evaporated.

Still, your take sounds interesting. Could you name those CIA agents?

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