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Friday, August 05, 2011

Tymoshenko Arrested As Supporters Clash With Police

He's working!

You wanted that grand coalition with Yanukovych, ma'am?

You got it!



Lingüista said...

Certainly impressive. But not unexpected.

The funny thing is they're accusing her of having served Russia's interests rather than Ukraine's in those gas deals -- which, in principle, would involve accepting that Russia is not exactly Ukraine's best friend.

What's going to happen next? Will they arrest Yushchenko?

Anonymous said...

It was mentioned in the Hungarian news as well. For us, it is a bit tough to arrest a former prime minister, but there are similar intentions in Hungary as well.

Anonymous said...

The arrest of Tymoshenko, despite everything the former PM had done, is still a disgrace. Tymoshenko is far from perfect, she has made many mistakes, but the arrest is simply ridiculous.

She tried her best, I think, to unite a crumbling opposition. She tried to keep BYuT-B and Nasha Ukraina MPs on her side, and it just didn't work. It is a shame.

Still, those wanting Europe in Ukraine, in my opinion, have Yulia Tymoshenko as their best option.

I am interested to know, if I may ask, would you be willing to vote Batkivshchyna? Not for the leader herself, but knowing that it is one of the few pro-Ukrainain parties left?

Lauren said...

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Taras said...


And Medvedev is now defending her. So the question remains: Who got the better end of the deal? The gas deal.

I wouldn't worry about Yushchenko. He's not much of a threat to the regime, nor is Tymoshenko (unless a major economic disaster comes her way).


Send us a couple of Hungarian prime ministers that Medvedev would want to defend!:)


If we lived in a law-based society, our top politicians would all be in jail. Tymoshenko would be no exception.

Is Tymoshenko's trial politically motivated? Yes, it is. 100%. But who cares? Who feels sorry for her? Not a lot of people.

Not those people who recall being mistreated and tortured as she bragged and giggled on talk show after talk show. Not those people who were murdered on her watch. By people on her team.

What is Batkivshchyna? An increasingly extinct part of the establishment? A Tymoshenko fan club? A Louis Vuitton/iPad store? I’ve voted for them long enough to see past their slogans and promises.

Unless I see some sort of a miraculous transformation, I’m not buying their products again.


Thanks! I’ve added you.