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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Countryside Toddler Dies as Hospitals Juggle Him

Dear West, can you send your doctors to Ukrainians who need them?

In a country where politicians of all stripes have so much gas, why do ambulances have so little? Why so many hospitals without doctors?

Police are now looking into how a cup of hot water killed the kid. In the unlikely event that someone goes to jail for this, will Western dignitaries flock to them too?

If you guys don’t want "selective justice," what do you want? Suicidal justice? Like, the Bloods turning themselves in or shooting themselves, and the Crips following suit?

Or maybe all you want for Ukraine is 100% stability and 0% accountability? Maybe you’re fine with the crooks as long as they don’t have the nukes?


Fellas, don’t shoot each other
In this life you have nothing to divvy up
At the round table forget your grievances
‘Cause burying friends is hard for everyone

If this is your song for Ukraine, why complain about corruption?


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