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Friday, November 23, 2007

Chernomyrdin, Luzhkov on the Holodomor

The first is the Russian ambassador to Ukraine. The second is the Mayor of Moscow. Ideologically, they come from the same school of thought.


There was the Soviet Union, there was the famine, a great famine. And yes, Ukrainians suffered, and Russian and other nationalities, including all those who lived in Ukraine.

There are so many emotions here. We don’t understand it. I don’t know who stands to gain from this and why all the emotional outbursts.

So the famine in Leningrad was caused by crop failure and food supply shortages, right?


The conduct of the youths who spoiled all the showcases, having drenched them with Coca-Cola, should be called complete incivility and vandalism.

At the same time, should we speak about the political aspects of this exhibit, we could say that it had the purpose of disuniting and alienating the citizens of Russia and Ukraine.

Certain political forces wanted to link the Holodomor to the actions of Russian authorities, but they forget that the Holodomor occurred not just in Ukraine, but also in the Povolzhye region and in Kazakhstan.

What, should we blame the Holodomor in the Povolzhye region on Ukraine?

It seems to me that this exhibit had one purpose: to disunite and alienate the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. But nothing will come out of their efforts; no government can alienate us.

Do they keep those Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Treblinka museums just to incite hatred between Jews and Germans?

Solar radiation from the Sun and nuclear radiation from Chernobyl are natural phenomena. True or false? If true, then how about someone pisses on your head and tells you it’s raining? How would that logic grab you?

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