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Monday, December 22, 2008

Kyivites Honk Horns Against Oppression of Middle Class

On December 22, at noon, Kyivites honked their horns to protest against rampant government corruption and endless power struggles wrecking the Ukrainian Dream amid the country’s deepest economic crisis since the early ‘90s.

Signs on cars: “Enough!”
Banners: “Rescue team”

The man who mobilized this mini-Maidan on wheels is journalist Yuriy Romanenko, author of the The Middle Class Manifesto.

Romanenko explains the self-organized protest, denies partisan affiliation, thanks activists, outlines further we’ll-get-them protests, and narrates Ukraine political landscape:

It’s understood in this country that none of them is adequate: neither Yushchenko nor Yanukovych nor Tymoshenko nor Chernovetsky — no one. It’s just a bunch of people who got entangled in their petty games.

Man atop SUV: “Enough! Enough! Enough!”

Man on sidewalk: “It’s important that people react, that they don’t feel afraid to squeeze out the slave inside.”


Admin said...

So, is this unrest due to Russia's fault? Or the Ukrainians have brought these misfortunes by believing in the American puppets Yuschenko, Timoshenko and Co? You are going to censor my comment again?

Taras said...

Russia’s fault? Not in any immediate sort of way.

It’s all about the slave mentality: a system built by tsars, commissars and oligarchs.

Yushchenko and Tymoshenko American puppets? You’re kidding! If that were true, we’d already be in NATO.

They’re oligarch puppets. And that goes for Yanukovych, too.

In Ukraine, people like me want to build a government controlled by the people. We don’t have the guts yet, but the day will come.

Being born in the USSR, many of us speak Russian. But we do have our own culture and language. We do want our identity to rebound.

We want to be a good neighbor of Russia, not a province of Russia.

If you accept this idea, I welcome your comments.

Anonymous said...

very well said, Taras.

But I have got to laugh - the rooshan president came out to ask "is it roosha's fault"?

Seems that the rooshan president finally realizes that roosha is to blame for many, many things.

But, no, rooshan president, the protesters were simply exercising their right of free speech.

Notice, however, that unlike in roosha, there was no Okhrana/militia/police that came out to beat people over the head for exercising their right of free speech.

In roosha, we have seen the all-too-familiar reactions of the rooshan president and his henchmen - beat people over the head, under color of "law."

So, rest easy, rooshan president - they were protesting about things in Ukraine.