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Friday, July 02, 2010

Yanukovych Buys Drugs, Burns Drugs (Publicity Stunt)

He bought “marijuana, cocaine and so on” online to alert law enforcement to the availability of “prycho...psychotropic” substances.

He then sent his procurement team offline to burn the stuff in front of the cameras, with all the necessary paperwork.

Oh no! Why didn't you keep that fire burning so Hillary could put it on her resume?

I wonder if Yanukovych drew his inspiration from this scene:

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akarlin said...

Yanukovych disappoints. He should have snorted and blazed it up.

Anonymous said...

I heard that "so on" is a great stuff. By the way, why didn't he burn all those things himself? It is fun to play with the fire.

Taras said...


I think he’s clean. (I’m not so sure about the Mayor of Kyiv though:)

Remember Herman’s government-on-moped idea? Here’s an update.


Playing with fire can be fun if we’re talking about someone like Guy Fawkes:)