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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yanukovych Goes Dirty Dancing at His 60th Anniversary Party

Still got that spark, huh?

Music: Philipp Kirkorov, People’s Artist of Ukraine (Yushchenko’s 2008 choice).

Dance partners spotted:

Yanukovych+Lyudmyla Kuchma (Kuchma’s wife)




Kuchma+Olena Franchuk (Kuchma’s daughter)


Akhmetov+Pinchuk (free hugs oligarchfest)
Zvyahilsky (Hava Nagila, solo)

Anybody seen First Lady Lyudmyla Yanukovych?

And where the hell is Lady HaHa?

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elmer said...

You know, Taras, looking at what you posted and the pictures in Ukrainian Pravda of all the people in buses bearing gifts and being bused to Yanukonvict's birthday party, I couldn't help it.

It brought to mind the movie "The Godfather", and the birthday scene at The Godfather's estate, complete with the scene where one of the moronic Mafia types keeps practicing - and screwing up - birthday wishes for Marlon Brando.

When he finally get in front of Marlon Brando, the big lug, naturally - screws it up.

It looks, smells, feels and stinks exactly like - the Mafia.

A big, stinky sovok relic government Mafia.

And the TV talk shows are very revealing - on a recent Savik Shuster show, one of the sovok relics jumped all over Yatseniuk for being "disloyal" to his former party boss.

BINGO - these ass holes have no concept of government - only loyalty to government Mafia bosses.

I still remember Kalashnikov, the jerk who slapped around some journalists a couple of years ago, screaming like a rabid dog about how he was a "soldat" (soldier) for the Party of Regions.

These sovok relics have no loyalty except to - Donbass Mafia.

They should not be in government.

The video you posted - it's hideous. Even Eurotrash is better.

A Tom Jones sound-alike groaning his way through some really bad sovok relic music, with bloated sovok relics looking like they're having epileptic seizures - you could not make this stuff up.

Welcome to a parody of living hell.

Anonymous said...

Buttock-clenchingly embarrassing to watch...

Anonymous said...

Was the last photo made by Photoshop?

Taras said...


Just to be clear, they have nothing to do with any sort of mafia. I'm sure you're aware of all those court rulings, foreign and domestic.

Everything’s legit.


To many Ukrainians trying to make both ends meet, this looks like a scene from Caligula.