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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tymoshenko, Supporters Removed from Courtroom

Don't mess with The Hon. Rodion "Brute" Kireyev!

A joke of a trial turned into a show of force after the judge stopped tolerating habitual violations of courtroom order. The ax fell on Tymoshenko and some of her supporters, including MP Mykhailo Kosiv (BYuT), 77, a political prisoner in Soviet times.

The judge also ordered live feeds cut off.

It's a shame this country doesn't have laws that work and a judiciary that's credible and independent. Tymoshenko's misdeeds should be adjudicated on their legal merits, not on political grounds.

The guy who wants Tymoshenko convicted is the guy she wanted to do a grand coalition with: Yanukovych.

That's why she's no martyr material.



Anonymous said...

Shame on Timoshenko - provocator!
Shame on this criminal person!

Ukrainia said...

This is great Post just want to know What is your source for this information? I am very interested to know where it came from….

Josephus said...

Someone studied the Stalin Show trials and tries to make a name for himself.
You will get the name all-right.

Taras said...


What about the rest of the gang? Is there enough space in that courtroom?


Thanks! You can find the sources at the end of the blog post.


The Great Purge era trials came in troikas and resulted in 15-25 year prison terms or summary executions.

Tymoshenko will most likely be convicted but then pardoned and barred from running for president.