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Monday, July 23, 2007

Cherno to Get a Slot on the Reg List?

For Leonid Chernovetsky, Kyiv’s most unpopular mayor in well over a decade, reelection chances run low. Now that he’s given Kyivites a little taste of what it’s like to trade votes for vermicelli, repeating the 2006 score of 31.26 percent seems a tall order.

As mounting local pressure makes early elections possible, a reincarnation package may well be on its way, though. That the Party of Regions may pose as the rescue ranger has long been the talk of the town. In support of this theory, Ukrayinska Pravda has a quote from MP Hanna Herman, PRU:

"Але якщо він виявить таке бажання, це буде досить вдалий варіант і для нас, і для нього".

"Леонід Михайлович зараз знаходиться на своєму місці як мер, і дуже багато гарного робить для киян".

But if he should find himself so inclined, that will be quite a match, both for us and for him.

Leonid Chernovetsky is right where he should be as mayor, and is doing a lot of good things for Kyivites.

Oh yeah, he’s a miracle of a mayor for some. His vast experience in pre-election “loyalty programs” and post-election “land issues” makes him a precious asset for the Party of Regions.

Birds of a feather flock together. Given the PRU’s modest local score of 11.76 percent in 2006, the partners could balance each other out. In exchange for taking Chernovetsky under its wing and securing him a seat in the Rada, the PRU will gain better access to Ukraine’s biggest municipal piggy bank.

And if the movement for early mayor elections stumbles, allowing ChernoCo to continue doing all those “good things,” the partners will hit another jackpot.



Anonymous said...

The thing about this is that I fully and completely realize its importance and significance but I don't know that the rest of the world does realize it. So how do you do/can you make others care and realize? That Cherno. being in elections is an abuse of power and money? When corruption is so rampant and so the public so seemingly accepting and obliging? sorry it does break my heart.


Taras said...


One can hardly expect the whole world to care. But as long as there are a few souls willing to see past The Kyiv Post, sharing a few things about ChernoCo will not be amiss.

It’s a slice of local life: a life that exists outside corporate boardrooms, restaurants and nightclubs.

It’s about folks who live from paycheck to paycheck. Shouldn’t we mention how more and more of them wake up to find no sunshine, no playgrounds, and no trees in their neighborhoods?

It’s about elderly folks who get clubbed by developers’ gangs. It’s about young families that can’t afford to rent an apartment, let alone buy one. (Theoretically, they could meet their last payment when they reach age 100 or so. Still, that would be almost 34 years too high given Ukraine’s average life expectancy of 61.1.)

The “wine-and-dine” crowd should know that there’s the other side to Ukraine: the “whine and die” one. This side is far more statistically significant, which helps explain Ukraine’s ongoing depopulation.

As long as Ukrainians sell their votes for vermicelli, good things will happen to bad people. And in the end, such "vermicelli voters" will only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

ChernoCo is now denying that he is on the list. Did Hanna lie? or did she blab?

"Kyiv Authorities Hold No Talks With Parties And Blocs On Participation In Rada Election, Deputy Mayor Dovhyi Says"


Taras said...

I know:)

We shouldn’t forget that the rumor started circulating long before Herman’s statement, and, I believe, will not die with Dovhy’s rebuttal. Let’s wait and see if stands the test of time.

Considering how Cherno has been failing that test by not making good on his election promise to stop illegal construction, I wouldn’t give it much credence.

Anonymous said...

Cherno's being so much in the news points to the major importance and significance that his office and actions have for the upcoming elections. Kyiv is key as well as central Ukraine.

Chernovetskyi Denies BYT Statement That He Obstructs Its Campaigning (17:38, Friday, July 27, 2007)

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi has denied the statement of the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko’s faction in the Kyiv city council, who said that the mayor does not let it place political ads in Kyiv.

Chernovetskyi made this statement to the press after a senior staff meeting at the Kyiv City Administration.

«No directive has yet been signed to prohibit political advertising,» he said.

According to the mayor, the BYT accusation is untrue and he has learned to pay no attention to such statements.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the BYT faction in the Kyiv city council accused Chernovetskyi on July 27 of obstructing the placement of BYT political adverts in Kyiv.

Taras said...


All is fair in love, war and elections. When courted by the Party of Regions, one has to meet certain standards.