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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still Don’t Believe in Socialism? Socialism Starts at Home!

Proletarians of all countries, check this out!

Ukrayinska Pravda continues with its housing survey of Ukraine’s top-ranking public officials.
Its latest onsite inspection zeros in on the residence of Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky, a member of the Socialist Party.

According to publicly available records, in 2006 his family lived on a household income of $30,000. It must have been a bad year, since the mansion’s market value may be as high $5 m. One may wonder, however, why this piece of real estate is totally missing from the records. Do the math: Once sighted in an Aston Martin — James Bond’s car of choice — Rudkovsky denied ownership of that luxury vehicle.

UP remains hopeful that Minister Rudkovsky, who was not immediately available for comment, will share the secrets of his socialist success with the public.


DLW said...

This is awesome.

Taras said...

That's one of the Orange Revolution's theme songs:)

Anonymous said...

"The party believes that the fact that Shufrych and Rudkovskyi hold ministerial posts poses a threat to Ukrainian citizens."

Ukrainian People's Party Calls On Yuschenko And Yanukovych To Dismiss Emergency Situations Minister Shufrych And Transport Minister Rudkovsky

Saddened and stunned to read about and see the photos of the train disaster. All hopes and prayers to those affected.


Anonymous said...

I guess the following is Rudkovsky's response to the situation.

"Про питання відповідальності можна буде говорити після експертизи"

"Рудьковьский не збирається йти у відставку"

Rudkovsky seems pretty bullet-proof for some reason - in the past he was being targeted by PoR and disavowed by NU and ByuT but he is still in the mix. I sure wish I had that episode on 5 kanal (either Zakryta Zona or sim.) which highlighted the problems of train transport of cargo and how seepage of chemicals and other problems occur regularly.


Taras said...


I pray that no one dies and that our 'proffessionals' get a 360-degree performance evaluation.

This episode clearly shows that Mr. Rudkovsky and his boss have more important things to do than improving the state of our infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

that Mr. Rudkovsky and his boss ...

but the problem is that ALL the politcos have more important things to do whether it is to stuff their bank accounts or be on vacation. The governor of the the Lviv region - when did he finally get off his back and travel back to his area from Crimea? on the third day of the disaster. The politcos deserve to be run out of the country.

And I hope that the following really does happen it is so overdue. (petition drive by Lutsenko to take away immunity from prosecution from politcians.)
"Однак Луценко вкотре підкреслив, що ключем і першим кроком до подолання корупції стане скасування депутатської недоторканності, яка продукує корупційну структуру в Україні. З огляду на це блок з наступного тижня ініціює збір підписів громадян за скасування депутатської недоторканності."


Taras said...

Stripping MPs of immunity to criminal prosecution is a noble cause, but will it gather enough votes in the next Rada?

Will Donbas join the movement? I think it’s just a vote-getting trick, a proposition more inspirational than operational.