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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Welcome to My Humble Abode!

As “people all over Ukraine struggle to make both ends meet” — the truth championed in a recent Party of Regions ad — some people obviously defy the order of the day. Their luxury lifestyles know no end.

Ukrayinska Pravda takes a closer look at a privately-owned Black Sea summer house where Yanuk stops by. Breathtaking, isn’t it? In 2005, according to his publicly available tax returns, Yanukovych made 38,000 hryvnias, or $7,525. Had the guy not blown his cover, this information should have put international food relief organizations on alert.

Check out Tymo’s residence, which she, in her own words, rents.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what voters do not see in political ads - the luxurious consumption of wealth while regular people scramble to make ends meet working multiple jobs, purchasing the least amount of food to save money while trying to grow their own.

Baba na bazari does not see pictures of wealth she can only imagine (as she has no access to Internet) and they are certainly NOT shown pictures on state run tv (which is PoR controlled), or on RU leased tv channels or in RU lang. newspapers.

Instead they are fed fear, fear, fear in PoR political ads that their very jobs, country etc. are at stake should the 'orangists' come to power. And people react predictably and so the polls relate how well the PoR would do in the coming elections.


Anonymous said...

And yet, I wonder why Yanu decided to go to Spain for 10 days for 'therapy'? Perhaps the rich lifestyle has him in need of a weight loss program?


Taras said...

He’s living la vida loca:)

I bet he’s taking a secret crash course in Spanish to make his resume look stronger this fall.

Viva el Partido de Regggiones! Bésame Kuchma!

olechko said...

:), yam. Is that the same one house on all the pictures, if not, the bottom one - it's got more of "understatement" is more to my taste.

Taras said...

Let’s write a letter to the Partido de Regiones site administrator with a request for a virtual tour of that facility. A few paparazzi pics from Yanukovych’s Spain getaway would also be appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Luida, they show Tymoshenko's house in Donetsk, etc. ("silly Donbass")

But not anyone else's.

The "Segodnya" web site is a good example.

Anonymous said...

Ukrainska pravda also has photos of YT's house and a story on it, at:

Taras said...

Hey, this is double jeopardy!:) To maintain balance, I had already supplied the link in my post:)))