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Monday, July 07, 2008

Back to 2004: The Yushchenko I Voted And Rallied For (But Won't Again)

Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko: My slogan: “I believe, I know, we can.” I say “I believe” because I believe in Ukraine. I believe in every one of us. I believe that we will build a state where everyone will be proud to say: “Yes, it’s my Ukraine.” I say “I know” because I know my responsibility. My deeds should benefit everyone, regardless of whether they like Yushchenko or not. I say “I know” because I know what to do. I proved that at the National Bank and as Prime Minister of Ukraine. I say “we can”: “we can” is the will and inspiration of each and all of us. Together, we can do everything. There are millions of us, and our people are talented. We have the richest soil and a glorious history. We can live human lives. Everyone will be able to make a decent living for themselves and their children by doing lawful work. We will build a fair and humane society. We will bring about the changes that every Ukrainian has been waiting for so long. The strong will support the weak; the rich will help the poor.

Voiceover: Yushchenko will win! Everyone of us will win. And there will be changes!

The government fears change. We’re being convinced that everything’s fine. Just don’t change anything.

Voiceover: Let’s rid Ukraine of the bandits. It’s our chance and our responsibility. On November 21, come to the polls and vote as your conscience tells you. Every vote for Yushchenko is one more “no” to the unbridled bandits. Let’s protect our families and our future. Yes to Yushchenko! On November 21, all honest people will come to the polls and will serve justice to the bandits. Goodbye the country where greedy oligarchs, shameless officials, and smalltime scoundrels prosper. Hello New Ukraine, a Ukraine of prosperity and love! May goodness dwell in our hearts and souls! Peace to our home! Yushchenko is running for president. And Yushchenko will win!

Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko: I believe in Ukraine. I know my responsibility. I believe, I know, we can.

Voiceover: Yushchenko! Peace to you!
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